Cheer up your Sunday night – celebrate our birthday!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s our 15th birthday this month – woo hoo! Brighten up your Sunday night by picking some sexy things and getting a whopping 20% off!

I say ‘our’ birthday – obviously I’m older than 15 – you can tell by all these lines that have recently started appearing on my face. But SexToys the company is now the grand old age of fifteen. That’s fifteen years of bringing you the hottest, coolest, spankiest, laciest, sexiest stuff they can find. To celebrate, they’re giving everyone 20% off everything – just use the code HAPPY20 at the checkout.


Not sure what to buy? Here are some cool new things that have recently caught my eye. You can browse all the newly added products here, or check out some of my own favourites below.

5. Happy Lola love strap

Is this or is this not the most beautiful lingerie you’ve ever seen? It’s so minimal, so perfect, so pretty. Like a gorgeous frame for your bottom. What’s more, it has amazing bondage potential – quicker to put on than a rope-bondage body harness, but with all of the possibilities of cuffing and clipping to different things. *swoon*



4. Happy Lola sexy knot

Yeah, I’m going with the same brand twice. Maybe I am a bit in love. I think I just really fancy having a tonne of sexy things to dress up in, and the bow on this is a) cute and b) designed to focus one’s mind on breasts. And I love having my breasts focused on. What can I say? I am just that kind of girl. This one’s also 20% off. Did I mention that everything’s 20% off? Hell yes.



3. Adrien Lastic mini romeo

OK, so what I love about this is the combination of shapes and textures. I’m kind of a textures person, converted to them ever since I got an amazing glass dildo with lots of bumps and knobbles on. I haven’t tried this yet but it is well and truly On My List. If you grab one (and it’s 20% off now don’t you know) then please do come and review it!



2. Couples cock ring

Have I told you before about the age-old cock ring debate? The fact that, whenever we use a one-vibe cock ring, my other half and I have to fight over who gets the vibrating bit? Does it go against his balls or my clit? Happily, we’ve developed a compromise that involves a position where it can do both, but for a while I worried that our bickering could mean The End. Still, cock rings like this – with two different vibrators sitting snugly against all of the right bits, mean that battles like this are a thing of the past. And it’s 20% off, so you can spend the spare money on lube to play with too.


1. Double-ended vibrator

This is another on my ‘OMG want’ list, mainly because I like the idea of both of us getting vibrated at the same time, if you know what I mean. Tethered together by a rumbling pleasure (that wasn’t a deliberate rhyme but I’m leaving it there because I like it). Also because it’s purple, which is My Colour, and I quite like the idea of sex toys that match my personality.


Final reminder, if you’re wavering on these – or anything else on the site – if you buy it now you get 20% off. That’s a hell of a lot of discount, so definitely cause for celebration. Happy Birthday to, and happy shagging to you. xxx


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