Brand new items offer even more Fetish fun

Here at we are constantly providing the newest, most fun toys on the market to cater for every conceivable erotic desire. This is why we are proud to bring you a brand new selection of bondage gear in our fast growing Fetish area, for those intimate power exchange sessions whether in the bedroom between lovers or a more strict environment!

So which part of you would you like controlling, binding, pleasing and teasing? Which areas of your willing subject do they offer up to your control? Join us in a journey across the body, showing just exactly how thoroughly you can enjoy all that Fetish has to offer…

The mouth gives birth to sighs, shouts, screams and maybe even a cheeky bite or two! Put a stop to any of that nonsense with a handy gag in your willing victim’s mouth. Our extensive collection of ball gags will ensure you have just the right one for every occasion. Newly added are the Hook, Spider, Inflatable, Penis, Double Penis and Breathable Bit. Don’t forget the traditional Ball and Bit gag styles which are kit essentials. Keep the mouth open to give medical, funnel and other power exchange options with an open mouth (ring) gag style. Your partner will be lost for words!


Enjoy the exquisite and dizzying heights of sensory deprivation with a hood or mask! When one or more senses are restricted, the others become even more sensitive, making erotic arousal a guarantee. Whether you choose the full kitted out option of the Full Hood with Blindfold and Gag, or the easy fit Zipper Hood which can be also worn as a mask with the eyelets open, you will simply love the range of opportunities these pieces of headgear provide. The new Leather Half Mask even allows you to remain sexily anonymous, so why not create a mysterious alias that carries out all your dark, erotic deeds?!


Winter gloves take a sinister yet sexy turn, with the new arrivals at this week. Wrap up warm… and tight… and securely bound with the Leather Bondage Mittens or Lace Up Mitts! Keeping their paws off has never been easier, and with bondage and suspension options available to you via the D and O rings, you will soon find that these mittens will be keeping more than just hands warm.

Take control literally into your own hands with the viciously thrilling Vampire Gloves! These leather gloves have tickling points all over the palms and fingers. Why not combine with a bound partner for even more arousing fun and games. Perfect for foreplay too!


Feel that teasing tug or as firm a yank as you (or your partner!) desires, with our range of ball stretchers and accompanying weights! Try the Double Pull Stretcher for weights on either side or attach a weight to a single point underneath the traditional Parachute style. Our weights let you determine just how much pulling you can handle!


Chastity is one of the most popular fetishes in the BDSM and Power Exchange scene. Orgasm control, tease and denial and the often elusive Keyholders offer not only men but now also women the chance to indulge in this practice of enjoying the anticipation and denial of orgasm until permission is given. Ultimate submission is achieved by handing over that personal treasure, your

opportunity for personal, sexual pleasure. Both parties benefit and experience extreme arousal from this practice and

here at Sex Toys we are pleased to present the CB-6000 range of chastity devices for such Dominant/submissive relationships and control techniques. With devices in standard or short lengths and even a device for those with a Prince Albert piercing, there will now be no excuse to shirk away from getting

locked up! Plastic numbered tags provide travel and distance play solutions. As well as traditional steel cock cages (such as the Houdini Device) we also stock a Female Chastity Device, comfortable and secure to ensure she can’t play when you’re not looking!


Moving to the bottoms of Bottoms! Our cane options in bamboo or rattan will give that authoritative thwack each and every time for a satisfying corporal punishment session. Bear all marks with pride from these luxuriously crafted canes!

Doctors and nurses has never before been this serious, involved, creative – or fun! Spice up the medical inspections with these surgical type probing and medical accoutrements. Plenty of new items to ‘play’ with including Young Forceps, Safety Scissors, Pinwheels and Speculums – there’s even a handy Medical Accessory Kit made up to get you started!

Foot fetish

Love soft, sexy, sensual feet? Love getting foot rubs? Prepare to be pampered. Rest your feet awhile on the footstool of

your choice and let your submissive tend to your sole’s every need. Dip your toes into the fetish of feet and bring them to heel! Try the Foot Fantasy Bondage Kit to add a sense of luxury to each relaxing session.

Have fun, play safe and enjoy the deliciously dark and always thrilling tumble into the world of bondage, power exchange and BDSM.

Find all the above items and much more in the Fetish Collection.

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