Batty for oral sex!

Well who ever would have thought it? It’s not just us humans who like a bit of oral sex. Apparently several species of bats like a bit of oral foreplay too!

Researchers in southern India observed a colony of over 420 Indian flying fox (Pteropus giganteus) bats over a 13 month period.  They recorded at least 57 separate cases of sex, including oral and intercourse. Most of the sex they witnessed occurred in the mornings.

The biologists observed a sort of ritual that the male bats performed in preparation for intercourse . First they would groom their penises until they were erect. Then they would sidle up to the females and gently touch them with their wings. The females would move away and the males would follow them. Eventually the females would stop and the male bats would lick the female bat’s vaginas.

After an average of 50 seconds of cunnilingus, the males penetrated the females for a mere 10-20 seconds and then resumed cunnilingus for a further 94-188 seconds. The researchers believed that the longer the cunnilingus in the beginning, the longer the penetration lasted.

These scientists speculated that cunnilingus at the beginning might make penetration easier and that the longer penetration lasted would potentially increase the chances of pregnancy in the females. What a fine way for nature to perpetuate itself!

A different species of bat, the Fruit Bat is known to enjoy oral sex too. Fruit bats have been observed performing male-to-female oral sex as well as female-to-male oral sex.

So there you go! Bats apparently know all about good sex and love a bit of oral during their sexual connections. Sounds like pretty smart creatures to me!

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