At it like bunnies? Practice safe sex this Easter

The sun’s out, the temperature is rising, Bank Holidays abound – all fantastic reasons to have even more great sex!

If you want to be at it like bunnies this Easter, make sure you enjoy sex responsibly and safely.

There are a variety of ways that couples in a long term, faithful relationship can enjoy safe sex. Once you have both been past the initial steps of ensuring you have a clean bill of sexual health, you may wish to acquire the contraceptive pill from the doctor, have a IUD (Intra Uterine Device or ‘coil’) fitted, or schedule the contraceptive implant.

These are all non- barrier methods of contraception, which means that although they will protect against unwanted pregnancy, they will not provide protection against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The most well known form of contraception that is a barrier type and will therefore protect against anything unwanted as a consequence of your springtime and year round fun and frolics, is of course, condoms!

Here at we have a whole host of condom types to choose from, at the lowest prices, meaning you can get the safety and style of sex you want.

Biggest brands

As well as industry leaders Durex (who also provide their own range of sex toys and lubricants), we offer many other condom brands too. The other condom manufacturers we stock include:







There are also handy sets from Screaming O and Jimmyjane, which offer value for money fun toys and protection in the one convenient pack of your choice. Or why not stock up on a few to slip into a handbag or pocket on a night out?



Once you have chosen your make, why not try some different flavours? There are so many available now, not just the traditional fruity favourites of strawberry, banana and orange but also the likes of bubblegum, cola and mint. Slip one on and enjoy a new flavour sensation today!



Why be bound by tradition? Try the Black Fantasy Condoms for a different look and ride out that fantasy! The Black Choc Condoms are not only a rich and lustrous black colour but also taste of delicious chocolate, for added appeal.




Why have smooth, when you can have ribbed or dotted? Condoms are for protection yes – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the feel. As well as traditional, go for some of our textured packs for variety in your love making! They will feel simply amazing inside you.



Are you of wider girth or a trim boy? We have condoms that suit the size of your particular precious package. There are Extra Large Condoms that will make sure everything’s covered, or Trim Condoms that fit snugly and still keep things secure and protected.



Instead of the standard condoms, we offer extra thin condoms for the luxury of as close to the real feel as possible. Almost a flesh on flesh experience – but with all the safety of strong condoms. There are also thicker, max protection condoms which not only offer as close to a full guarantee as possible, but may also provide a delay for him, meaning longer lasting sexual pleasure for her!



Allergic to latex? Not an issue at! We offer non-latex condoms for those sensitive to the standard condom material.

Plenty of choice to keep you not only at it like bunnies this Easter, but safe into the bargain too. Our range of condoms leave you worry free for the best spring time sex time you and a partner can possibly have!


Find the entire range of condoms available at



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