Are these urban legends sex fact or fiction?

These sexy urban legends might seem too bizarre for this world, but some of them are definitely true – can you guess which?

Everyone loves a good urban legend, right? When I was young I used to devour weird and wonderful stories that seemed to balance perfectly between fact and fiction – alligators looming large in New York’s sewage system, or ‘tips’ on defeating cashpoint burglars by typing your pin in backwards. Both of those are false, by the way, but I bet you’ve heard variations on at least one of them.

The website Snopes is famous for sifting the hoaxes from the honest stories, and they’ve recently published a list of some of their favourite sexy urban legends. So I thought it’d be fun to play a game: here are five stories from Snopes, some of which are urban legends and others are true. Can you guess which is which? Answers are at the end – no cheating!

1. Sexy sneakers

The athletic shoe Adidas gained its name from an acronym for ‘All Day I Dream About Sex.’

2. Femme fatale

After sex, the female praying mantis always eats the head of her mate.

3. Baby I’m rich

A wealthy guy from Toronto stated in his will that his entire fortune should go to whichever woman had the most babies in the ten years following his death.

4. Porn panic

A couple once returned their video player to a shop for a refund, but had accidentally left a home-made porn tape inside it.

5. Stallone the stallion

Before he became a high-earning movie star, Sylvester Stallone once starred in a porn film.

Have a guess, then while you’re pondering why not  buy awesome sex toys? You can start creating your own amazing stories.

When you think you’re ready for the answers, scroll down…


And the answers:

  1. False, sadly. Adidas got its name in one of the boring, usual ways – it was named after its founder Adi Dassler.
  2. False! While female praying mantises do sometimes eat their mates’ heads, research conducted in 1984 suggested that this was mostly done by those in captivity and isn’t common behaviour for those in the wild.
  3. Weirdly true! And if you’re wondering who scooped the prize: it was actually shared between four women, who had each had nine babies in the 10 year period.
  4.  True! I’m cringing on their behalf.
  5. True again! And he’s not the only one: quite a few faces you’ll recognise from TV and film have also made porn. My favourite unlikely porn star: Screech from Saved by the Bell. Although allegedly he may have used a stunt penis.

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