Anal sex – the great taboo and how to!

So to be reading this I’m guessing either you or your partner has thought about some back door action right?

So what’s holding you back? As long as you follow some simple rules then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in a little bum fun. You never know, you might like it!


I make this point number one because it’s super important. We all know what our bums are used for on a daily basis and we don’t want any nasty bacteria ending up somewhere it can cause a mischief. So, it goes to reason that we need to clean thoroughly. Having a bath or shower can only cleanse the outside. To make sure you are really clean then we recommend using an anal douche. Simply fill with water, insert the nozzle and squeeze the pump for an internal wash! You will also want to use a condom – I suggest an extra thick condom as your anus is a lot tighter than the vagina.


Always use lube! The anus does not have any of its own natural lubricant so this is very important for you to have a more comfortable experience with less chance of tearing. There are extra thick lubricants that are specially formulated for anal sex and we strongly suggest that you use one of these. Some people also like to use a de-sensitiser. This helps you deal with any dis-comfort a little better. However, if you follow the steps correctly you should not need this.

Relax and stimulate

Before starting to stimulate the anus it is important that you relax. Before penetration you will need to warm up the area. After applying lube you can start with a finger or small toy to gently awaken the opening. There are also muscle relaxants that you can use should you wish. As you relax and start to enjoy you can either add more fingers or push the toy in further.


Now for the scary/exciting bit. So you’re all warmed up and enjoying it and you’re both ready for penetration. Help to guide him in by pulling your bottom apart. He should then push himself inside you very slowly. If you want him to stop, tell him. Sometimes stopping for a second to let you get use to the feeling of him there is enough – he does not have to withdraw completely. Once he is fully penetrated you can build up a rhythm gently that you are both comfortable with. As with vaginal sex, the first time is hardly ever mind blowing. It takes a while for you and your partner to warm up and get use to it.


Whether he orgasmed or not it is important that you both clean up after. Showering together is a great way to keep the intimacy going as well as being fun! If you’re sore, don’t worry it’s normal. Your butt has been stretched to new limits and it’s bound to feel a little out of the ordinary. As long as you follow our instruction you should not have any real damage and your bum will feel perky in a day. Cotton pants help as they let your skin breathe.

If you want to try anal sex, and want to get warmed up and used to penetration it is always a good idea to try it out with some anal sex toys.

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