An A-Z of sex for 2013

I’ve always wanted to write an A-Z of sex and it looks like this is the year I’m finally going to make it happen. Each week I’ll be sharing a new letter full of sexual inspiration. For this list I’m going to focus on some of the erotic and delicious areas of sex, rather than STI’s and such. Perhaps those subjects will be covered in a different list another time. Any subject or area that is particularly inspiring to me will appear as a longer article later on. Here we go…


Afterglow – A very important part of any sexual experience! What do you do once the big orgasm has happened and play has ended? Cuddle up, bask in the warm glow of love and joy, take a shower together or do whatever helps to keep the energy from dissipating too quickly. All sorts of amazing energetic magic happens when you raise erotic energy and it will continue after any actual action stops.

Anal sex – There are all kinds of reasons to try anal sex. Whatever gender you are, you have lots of sensitive and erotic nerve endings in your anus. Anal sex doesn’t have to mean full penetration if that’s not appealing to you. You could just have some stimulating touch around the outside of your asshole to begin with. Some people find that incredibly sensual and others not so much. Start slow and gentle and always use lots and lots of lubricant. In fact, when you think you’ve got plenty of lube, add a bit more! If you want to try anal penetration, take a look at our anal beginners section or start with something small and slim like a little finger or this Loving Joy Silicone Dlido. As you start to relax, you can move on to larger things like this dildo, a strap on, or of course, your favourite cock!

Analingus – The act of kissing or licking someone’s anus can be really pleasurable and erotic if it’s your thing. A few things to keep in mind so that everyone has a good time:

Wash your bum before you begin. Should go without saying, but not everyone thinks of these things.

Use something like a dental dam or cling film. You don’t want to spread bacteria, viruses, etc between the anus and mouth.

When you’ve finished with the mouth to anus loving, wash your mouth out with something antibacterial before you kiss your partner on the lips, vagina or penis.

Anal beads – A great toy to add to your collection if you enjoy anal play of any kind. Anal beads can enhance your orgasm or just add extra sensual goodness to whatever else you’re getting up to. You can use them on your own or with a partner.

Anatomy – Get to know your own sexual anatomy in whatever way works for you. Look in the mirror, give yourself a sensual massage (or get a lover to do it!) or read up about it. Your body is amazing and the more you know about it, the more pleasure you can enjoy.

Aphrodisiac – An aphrodisiac is something that enhances sexual arousal. Generally aphrodisiacs are food or drink although sometimes actions or behaviors can have an aphrodisiac effect too. Aphrodisiacs work by stimulating chemical and hormonal changes in the body.

Awareness – So often people go into sexual situations without any awareness of what they’re really doing. When we’re raising sexual energy, either on our own or with a partner, we are tapping into the creative energy of the whole Universe. When we do this with awareness, something much deeper and more magical happens. This starts with awareness of our own desires, of the flow of our own sexual energy and releasing or at least being aware of any conditioning we have about sexuality.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact the sex toys team.

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