A-Z of sex – B

The second part of my ‘A-Z of sex’ series brings us to B. There are lots of fabulous ‘B’ words to share with you so here you go:

Blindfold – One of my favourite sex toys in the whole world! Ok, maybe it’s not so much a ‘toy’ as a wonderful and erotic possibility for fun. Blindfold your partner and offer them tempting treats to tantalize their senses. Be slow and luxurious, letting each offering stir their erotic feelings. Wearing a blindfold will heighten your senses, help to build trust and make it easier to totally surrender to whatever lusciousness is on offer.

Breasts – There is just something primal and beautiful about breasts. Whether you prefer them small and pert or large and voluptuous, breasts are a whole erotic region in their own right. With tons of nerve endings, soft supple tissue and the nipples being energetically connected to the clitoris, you could spend hours just indulging the breasts. There are tantric breast meditations can leave the breast owner in waves of orgasmic ecstasy.  Get seductive with beautiful breast pasties or if you want to add more intense sensations try nipple clamps.

Bondage Bondage literally puts the B into BDSM. Bondage is basically restraining someone’s movements. This can be done in lots of ways including using bondage ropes, handcuffs, bondage tape, stockings and much more. People use bondage for lots of different reasons. Some times it’s just for the thrill of it. Other times it adds something physical, mental and psychological to proceedings. You can choose to retrain just one area of the body, such as wrists or ankles, or to go for a fuller effect rendering someone completely at your mercy for movement. It’s very important to know what you’re doing so that you don’t cause yourself or others any harm. If you’re unsure, read up online or take a class. Never leave someone who is restrained in anyway alone. Not only can bondage add something extra to your sexual scenarios, it can also be very sensual, erotic and deeply transformative.

Balls –Men’s balls are amazing things. They are absolutely the most vulnerable part of his body and yet they dangle right there on the outside. Balls are great to play with – either soft and gentle if that’s what he likes, part of full on cock-and-ball torture or anywhere in between. Try fondling them in your hands gently, giving them a tug, massaging or sucking on them. If he’s up for more intense sensations on them you can tie them up, put clamps on them, roll a wartenberg wheel over them, or treat them to a buzz from a vibrator.

Bath – There is nothing quite like taking the time to have a luxurious, sensual bath. Whether on your own or with a lover, it’s easy to turn bath time into sexy time. Light loads of candles, put on some soft, relaxing music and add your favourite bath oils to the water. Sink down and let yourself really let go. Once you’re feeling relaxed, get out your favourite Bathtime Buddy and bring yourself or your partner to orgasm right there in the warm water. Allow yourself to float away in ecstasy and hot water afterwards.

Body – Your whole entire body has the capacity for erotic pleasure. If you tend to stick to the ‘usual’ areas for arousal, try exploring new areas of your body. Maybe you like to have your toes nibbled, your hips held tight or your arms licked or stroked with a feather. See how much of your body loves to be touched, stroked, spanked or kissed.

Blow job – No A-Z of sex would be complete with out a blow job! A blowjob is the act of fellatio or licking, kissing and sucking a cock. In addition to your usual blowjob joy, mix it up a bit by putting ice in your mouth, humming or playing with his balls. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, ask him to tell you what he likes as you go along. It’s always good to start slow and seductive and take time to build up his arousal. Keep him going for as long as you’re both enjoying yourself.

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