A winning combo: best sex toys to use together

Some things just go perfectly together – like Ant and Dec or Torville and Dean. The same’s true of sex toys – here are some of my favourite sex toy combos…

Sometimes you just want a quickie, and you might have a go-to favourite sex toy that you know will get you there quickly. Other times you want something more involved – sex where you pull out everything from your bedside cabinet and really go to town.

But pairing toys with each other is one of my favourite things to do. There are some sex toys that just go so perfectly together, like red wine and cheese, or popcorn and movies. These are the sex toy combos that you should definitely try.

Doxy + glass dildo

This one’s my favourite, because it includes the love of my life – the Doxy massager. I thought the powerful vibrations couldn’t be improved on, until I got a glass dildo to pair with it. Having something solid inside while the Doxy rumbles away on the outside gives incredibly powerful orgasms. If you’ve got one of these and not the other, I can thoroughly recommend grabbing the other half of this pair and giving it a go.

Prostate massager + Fleshlight

Prostate massage can give deep and intense orgasms. Some people are able to orgasm just from prostate stimulation alone. But whether you’re one of these people or not, twinning a prostate massager with something like the Fleshlight Flight Pilot means your dick is getting as much love as elsewhere. It also works beautifully for me, using a Fleshlight on someone else, because I get to see their deliciously happy face as the two toys work their magic, and create a shudderingly intense orgasm.

Bondage rope + Pulse

One of the great things about new generation male sex toys like Pulse is that they can often be used hands-free. They can also, if positioned right, bring someone to orgasm without needing to be touched. That’s why they have so much potential in BDSM scenarios. He’s tied down with bondage rope, unable to move, and Pulse is strapped to him giving him pleasure he can’t resist.

Butt plug + vibrating cock ring

How you’ll use this combination depends on your dynamic as a couple, and which of you most enjoys butt plugs! But personally, I think that if I’m on top, having a vibrating cock ring to grind against makes a world of difference. One of my favourite positions is on top while he sits on a chair, so I have the solid floor to brace myself against. Where does the butt plug go? Well, you decide – either he sits on it, getting that lovely full-up feeling combined with some fantastic prostate stimulation, or it goes in me, and he uses his hands to hold it in while I ride him.

Winning combination. Any of yours I should try out? I’m sure I’ve missed some off the list…

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