A ‘tie & tease’ treat for both of you!

The traditional ‘tie and tease’ is a great way to try something new and extremely erotic with your partner. You don’t have to be into BDSM or any other particular kind of sex to enjoy it either. You can totally tailor it to suit you and your partner desires and interests.

Very basically, a ‘tie and tease’ is when one partner is tied up, possibly blindfolded, and brought to the edge of orgasm over and over again. How it ends is up to you. You can choose whether to allow your partner to orgasm or not.

Here’s a few ideas to make your ‘tie and tease’ session super hot and tons of fun:

  1. Decide how you’re going to restrain your partner and get everything prepared. You could tie them to the bed so that their body is open and accessible to you, or you could tie their wrists together and ankles too if you wish. For a quick and easy way to tie up your partner, try these ‘under the bed’ restraints. You’re aiming to help your partner relax so that they are surrendered to you and the sensual teasing delights you’re about to offer them. You can blindfold them before or after you’ve tied them up.
  2. Start with your clothes on. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and then once your partner is tied up and blindfolded, slowly let them feel more and more of you. Tease them by first stripping down to your pants/knickers and then eventually letting them know that you’re completely naked by slowly brushing your body on them. Let them hear you removing your clothes for added teasing.
  3. Slowly begin to arouse them by using feathers, silks, gloves and other sensual things. Take your time and enjoy yourself! If you’ve agreed to it, you could move on to soft floggers, or something a bit more prickly like wartenburg wheels. Try hot pads or something like an ice massager for a bit of temperature play.
  4. Make sure to include but not totally focus on their genitals. You are getting them turned on and near to orgasm, but also still teasing the whole of their body with sensual goodness.
  5. Every now and then you could even have a very short pause. Tension will only build while you decide what to do next.
  6. Use your own arousal to tease them. You could let them taste you, rub your fingers across their lips or even kiss them deeply while being careful not to touch any other part of their body!
  7. As the one in control, you get to decide how and when it ends. If you want to allow your partner to orgasm, build up slowly. Use vibrators, your own body or whatever you feel like at the time.
  8. When it’s all over, you might like to untie your partner and take off their blindfold before treating them to a full bodied cuddle. If you haven’t orgasmed and would like to, you could either allow your partner to watch you pleasure yourself or ask them to join you for a bit more fun!



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