A Sensual Winter Treat

The cold dark nights of winter are the perfect setting for offering your partner a sensual and erotic treat. Here are some ideas for indulging them in a wintery journey of the senses…

Set the space by making sure it’s warm and cosy with lots of cushions, blankets and low lights. Add to the atmosphere by lighting lots of candles. Make the space look beautiful by bringing in some ivy, pine or holly.

Before you bring your partner into the space, blindfold them. Whisper softly in their ear that they are safe and that you will look after them. Gently guide them into the space and help them get comfortable. Make sure they’re extra snuggly by putting big warm socks on their feet and offering them a cosy blanket.

Begin their journey with sound. Either play them some different sounds such as a recording of a crackling fire, followed by some sleigh bells or put on some soft wintery music such as choral Christmas carols or your favourite winter tunes. Give them the opportunity to experience different sounds, one at a time for 5-8 minutes, then let it fall silent again.

After sound, treat them to a variety of different winter smells. Very slowly bring different smells to their nose and wait for them to catch the scent. Give them a few seconds with that one, then a few seconds break before offering the next scent. You could use Dr Woo’s Cinnamon Love oil, LELO Massage Oil Spicy Clove and Amber, mince pies or warmed mulled wine. Don’t offer more than three as the nose gets overloaded quite quickly.

Next is taste. Remember they can’t see what you’re doing so approach their mouths gently and carefully. You could feed them slivers of a Satsuma, spicy chocolate or a minty candy cane. Tease their lips first before popping the tasty morsel into their mouths. Make sure it’s bite sized! Give them some time between tastes. You could also offer them a sip of  mulled wine or to get their taste buds tingling, a sip of champagne or other sparkly drink. Use a straw as it will make it easier for them to drink blindfolded.

After taste, it’s time for touch. Remember, their senses will be heightened because they are blindfolded. Start with something soft and gentle like winter mittens or something furry.Then move on to different textures like rolling a pine cone over their body. Alternate ice and fire by using this Arctic Ice Massager followed by hot wax candles or a hot water bottle. If your partner is up for some more intense sensations, you could gently flog them with some holly or pine needles. End this portion with a soothing massage using the cinnamon or clove oils from earlier.

When you’ve finished the massage, place a soft warm blanket over them and slowly and gently remove their blindfold for the sight part of the journey. They will see all the candles for the first time and be ready to set their eyes on you too.

This delightful treat could stand on it’s own or lead to some very warming love-making! Have fun, be creative and enjoy the cold winter nights.

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