A sensual breakfast delight for Valentine’s Day

Get Valentine’s Day off to a sensual start by waking each other up with a breakfast to remember. Prepare as much as you can the night before so all you have to do in the morning is grab everything from the kitchen, light a few candles, then wake up your beloved and get tucked into a sensual breakfast delight.

Gently wake your partner with some soft stroking all over their body, whispering how much you love them into their ear. Bring them around softly, tell them that it’s Valentine’s Day morning and that you’d like to treat them to a very special breakfast.

First help them to sit up comfortably with lots of pillows and make sure their warm enough. If they’re happy to be naked while you do this – even better! That way you can keep stroking their body every now and then to keep gentle arousal brewing in the background.

Once they’re comfortable, blindfold them. Start by offering them small pieces of fruit. Berries and grapes are great to use as they are small and easy to eat one at a time. For something a bit more exotic try pomegranate seeds. Thinly sliced mango or melon is also delicious.

Wave each item under your partner’s nose so they can smell it before you bring it to their lips. Once they’ve caught the scent, tease their lips with it, letting them get a little taste. Every now and then, just when they think you’re going to pop the fruit in their mouth, give them a deep, lingering kiss instead – then pop the fruit in!

Give them plenty of time to chew and swallow before moving on to the next bit of food. If your partner has a sweet tooth, you could always dip a few pieces of the fruit into gooey warm chocolate first! Or put some of the chocolate on your nipples, fingers or elsewhere and get them to lick it off! You could also dip slices of apple or banana into honey for a sticky treat. Try dusting some of the fruit slices with cinnamon for a spicy alternative.

Every now and then, as you are feeding them, be sure to softly stroke their whole body, keeping them just on the edge of arousal. When you’ve finished feeding them, you have a wide choice of what to do next. You could swap over so that you have the blindfold and your partner feeds you. Or you could restrain them with physical restraints, remove the blindfold and offer them an exotic, seductive dance. You could take the blindfold off, take them to the shower and jump in with them for some Valentine’s Day shower fun. Or stay in bed, leave the blindfold on and just see where the mood takes you both. Whatever you choose, Valentine’s Day is off to a steamy start…

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