A resolution you won’t want to break!

The great thing about sex is that it’s pretty much a guilt free indulgence.

So, when you’re cutting back on everything else, why not invest all your energy and pent up frustration into your sex life.  As well as doing something positive that makes you feel good, it’s also a great distraction from anything you’re giving up or cutting back on.

Out with the old and in with the new!

If your bedside draw is a mass of sticky lube bottles, vibrators that don’t work properly and out of date condoms, now is the time to have a clear out.  With our January Super Sale there’s no better time to update your toy collection and start the year afresh.


Three sex sessions a week are just as good as three low impact aerobic classes, so ditch the expensive gym membership and get athletic in the bedroom.  If you need a helping hand with ways to get more physical then why not have a look through our sex furniture section on the site?  Bondage gear like sex swings, sex stools and inflatable couches are all brilliant ways to get you more active and to take your sex life to new heights.  Alternatively, try different positions by taking inspiration from our position guides.

Feel Good

Having an orgasm doesn’t just feel good; it’s actually beneficial to your health.

Orgasms are stress relieving, pain killing, immune boosting, can give us glowing skin and  can even help curb food and cigarette cravings!

If you have a partner it’s also great for bonding.  So if the Christmas craziness has caused any niggly tensions wipe the slate clean and get close again.

After all – next stop is Valentine’s Day!

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