Barbie plays dress up…in Latex!

Most would see Barbie as quite the Vanilla kinda gal. Wearing pretty pink dresses, rarely seen in black and in no way coupled with anything from the kink spectrum (although her ample cleavage and tight dresses are somewhat questionable!), we were quite taken aback when we saw these pictures of our childhood friend tightly clad in latex!

It would seem that Barbie is fet’ing it up as part of  Tush Magazine’s charity project “Design With Barbie”. Berlin based latex manufacturer Très Bonjour got the chance to dress up a true V.I.P. along with several prominent people from the fashion industry, as well as several actresses and athletes all asked to create an individual outfit for the infamous Barbie doll.

As a result, the Très Bonjour design team created the worlds first latex couture Barbie for the charity project names “Wir helfen Kindern” run by German TV station RTL which see’s all proceeds helping children in need in around the globe.

The Très Bonjour team only had 20 hours to complete the outfit resulting in an astounding black latex gown with huge frills and harness details, matching latex harness gauntlets and latex hood topped with a mohawk.

All Barbies created were exhibited at the famous German shopping hotspot ‘KaDeWe’ in Berlin in July this year, during Berlin fashion week.

At the end of the year, all of the unique Barbie dolls will be put up for auction to raise funds for the charity.

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