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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to work in a warehouse full of sex toys?  You have?  Great, because we’ve caught up with Dave Jordan, our very own Warehouse Manager to find out.

So you’re surrounded by sex toys all day every day, how does it feel?


It felt strange to start with.  I was the same as any new person that starts here, I spent more time looking at the products than packing them.  However, it wasn’t  long before the stock simply became product numbers.  The product we sell though does lend itself well to certain jokes which creates a really fun atmosphere.

What is a normal day in the life of the Warehouse Manager for sextoys.co.uk?

My days are very busy as I am the middleman between the warehouse and office.  It’s my job to make sure that everything in the warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently from the moment a product arrives at our warehouse until it is picked and packed and leaves our premises for its new home.

What made you apply for the job?

I wanted to leave my job at the time and so I posted my CV through the doors of companies on every industrial estate locally to me.  Surprisingly I got a lot of replies and attended a number of interviews.  I must admit I was slightly shocked when I was told what the company sold but it had no influence on me taking the job.  At the interviews I attended I was offered three but I felt like I could have the most impact here.

When couriers and post men come into the warehouse for the first time what is their reaction?

Shock and bewilderment!  They soon become used to it though and we have great relationships with all our contractors.  I must admit though, if we are busy and a different one turns up due to illness or holiday, it can sometimes be easier to keep them outside because they will spend the next 30 mins wanting to look round and talk about things!

Have you found that working in a warehouse full of sex toys has improved your sex life?

Yes definitely.  I think if it didn’t you’d be a prude.  How can you not when these new and exciting products are under your nose all day.  Plus, my girlfriend is always asking about new products on the market.

Are you now unshockable or are you still surprised at some of the things that come in?


I would like to think I’m unshockable but every once in a while, something arrives and everyone goes “Wow what is that?!”

What’s the hardest product you’ve had to pack?

Big products are difficult to pack as are crops and strange shaped products like The Cone.

Is the job majorly different to other Warehouse Manager jobs you’ve had?

The principle is the same as any other, I am responsible for the upkeep of the warehouse, staff relations, negotiating packing supplies and being an ambassador for the company,  but  the subject matter and the jokes that fly around makes it very different indeed.

What product do you seem to pack more of than any other?

Vibrators as a whole, all different shapes and sizes!  It’s great to think about how many ladies we are satisfying on a daily basis, but I do wonder about us guys, we need to get with the program and find out what women want!

So if anybody reading this fancies a job in your warehouse, what qualities would you look for?

Somebody that is hard working, a team player, flexible and has an open mind, they also need to be able to have a laugh.  Sometimes the pressure can be on to get the orders out the door and humour is what gets us through.  The team dynamics are brilliant at the moment so somebody would have to reach the standards of the current staff which isn’t easy!

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