Yummy! Good foods for great sex

Talk about tasty treats!

Read this guide for the ultimate in eating – these foods claim to improve your sex life.

We’ve scanned the web and found the best foods for ultimate satisfaction! According to leading sexologists, cardiologists and psychologists, how and what you eat, can make or break your bedroom mindset. For the ultimate in stamina, check out these libido-boosting meal components…


Eat your greens: Our parents were right! Apparently, eating spinach (a potent source of magnesium) will help dilate blood vessels and in turn increases blood flow to the genitals. This will generate higher arousal rates for both men and women, making you more likely to share the love!
Tea time: Catechin, a key ingredient in tasty tea, promotes higher blood flow levels all over the body. Giving you sex power and brain power, it also apparently enhances memory, mood and focus! How’s that for a break-time bonus?!
Peachy keen: This is one for the guys! According to research, consuming at least 200 milligrams of Vitamin C per day will increase your sperm count. Great for fertility, so get munching on those peachy treats!
Egg-cellent: Whichever way you want them, eggs are proven to do wonders for the body. Generally, eggs introduce more biologically usable protein than any other food, which is great for energy fueled bedroom fun!
Meat me half way: The main component of any good meal, red meats are full of miraculous zinc! Keeping bad hormones at bay, this ingredient puts a stop to sexual dysfunction and is apparently a key muscle-building nutrient. Pick leaner cuts for more delicious benefits.

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