Why use sex toy cleaner?

Why use sex toy cleaner when soap is just as good, right? Wrong!

Think about it. You use your dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and more in areas of your and your partner’s bodies that can create so many harmful bacteria and other nasties if left as residue on these toys. You don’t just want them visually clean, you want them really clean.

Sex toy cleaner has been specially formulated to leave your toys 100% bacteria, germ, residue and streak free. It also gives you the reassurance that your toys are once again completely hygienic and body safe.

If you use soap or other detergents these can not only be an irritant to your body (plus possibly leading to conditions such as thrush or cystitis in women), but the residue on your toys can also eat away at them and cause a rapid deterioration in some materials.

Our Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner (£4.95) features an easily operated spray pump, just spray on to your toys, leave for 2 minutes, then rinse off. Simple!

So make sure your sex toy sessions are pleasurable time and time, with complete peace of mind and body, by adding some Sparkle Toy Cleaner to your basket next time you shop at Sextoys.co.uk.

Play safe, play sexy!

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