The Fun Factory Cobra Libre: Exclusively for Men

Sleek, elegant, new and exclusively for men. What are we talking about? This year’s hottest new male sex toy that is flying off the shelves, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre male vibrator.

What’s the buzz?

Firstly, the Cobra Libre is not your usual male masturbator. You may be used to seeing male sex toys that fall within three categories: toys to be penetrated by the man (think Fleshlight), toys to penetrate the man (anal toys, butt plugs and prostate massagers) or cock rings to be worn when playing solo or used during intercourse with a partner.

The Cobra Libre stands apart from all these. It is the first and only sex toy for men that has been specifically designed to stimulate and arouse not the entire shaft of the man’s penis, but rather, just the head and frenulum area. It is these sensitive parts containing thousands of nerve endings, that once stimulated directly will simply leave him buzzing and ready to feel awash with orgasmic relief.

Cutting edge, modern and in an artistic, almost executive ‘desktop gadget’ design, the stylish yet discreet Cobra Libre is the perfect gift for any man. From the tasteful and refined packaging displaying his new best friend, to the racing car connotations contained within every sinuous line of the red and black toy, you can be sure that this is the device to get his pulse racing.

Sick of running out of juice? Battery power, we mean, obviously. Never fear, your Cobra Libra is rechargeable. Not content with merely providing the usual style of plug in and recharge toy, Cobra Libre is part of Fun Factory’s special range of magnetic click n charge rechargeable toys. Simply purchase the Fun Factory Click n Charge Magnetic Plug (which attaches magnetically to the metal logo at the base of the toy) and you have a practical (and let’s face it, fun) way to power up.

But what does the Cobra Libre actually do?

Cobra Libre gives escalating vibration options. There are three function buttons on the top centre of the toy. Hold your finger on the main centre one when the toy is charged to power on, then use the two underneath with your finger tips to deliver greater or less vibrating intensity. To turn the Cobra Libre off, simply rest your finger on the centre button again for a few seconds until it powers down completely.

The vibrations travel through the medical grade red silicone part of the toy, reminiscent of a mouth’s opening. Once the man inserts the tip of his penis into the stretchy entrance, he will be able to feel the vibrations travelling around and over his flesh and as he cradles and caresses the end, the tingles will result in an explosive climax!

There is a waterbased lubricant provided within the Cobra Libre packaging to help you get started. When you first remove your Cobra Libre, we recommend gently wiping over with a clean damp cloth to ensure it is entirely clean after transit, then charge it up fully for 12 hours before using it for the first time.

Your Cobra Libre will work at full vibrating power for one hour with a full charge.

There are two motors in the Cobra Libre for intense and dramatic pleasure. You don’t have to use it on your own either, couples can introduce the Cobra Libre into foreplay, with the woman using it on the man to get him ready for more…

The Fun Factory range is colourful, funky, attractive and modern – perfect for men and women with a real sense of fun and adventure whether in or out of the bedroom. These silicone creations will provide new aspects to your sex life, whether alone or together, that you hadn’t even imagined previously!

We know that you will simply love discovering the delights of the Fun Factory Cobra Libre for men. It’s priced at just £89.95 with our free and discreet delivery.

Get yours today from Sex Toys!


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