Storage tips of a sex toy addict

Got a sticky mess in your bedroom? I mean your toys, obviously!

If you’re tripping over wires, running out of batteries or have trouble finding and keeping your toy collection organised, you’re not alone. I have a lot of toys and if you love sex toys as much as I do, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  A good sized collection requires care and maintenance. So her are my top toy tips.

  1. Store your toys carefully. Remember, you can’t store silicone toys directly next to each other as they will eat into each other and your toys will be misshapen, broken and corroded. A sex toy is an investment in your own pleasure so look after them.
  2. Take some time to organise the sex toys in your collection, this will make them easier to find. It’s also a quick way to see what you might want or need next. For example you might have bags, boxes or drawers containing: waterbased lubes, silicone lubes, rabbit style vibrators, anal sex toys, vaginal vibes/dildos, buzzing bullet vibrators, glass dildos, nipple clamps and bondage gear (spanking/bondage). Even if you don’t have posh lockable boxes or cases you can make your own underbed or bedside cabinet areas using old shoeboxes, makeup bags and the like.
  3. If you find yourself at a loose end for half an hour one day, take the opportunity to have a good rummage and rifle through your toy collection. Make sure your toys all have working batteries. If they are rechargeable, do they have enough charge left? Maybe plug them in to recharge then and there, to save disappointment at bedtime.  Count your condoms.. have you got enough or do you need to order more?
  4. Why not keep a handy grab selection of sexiness close to the bed. There’s nothing worse than reaching that crucial moment… and what you want is nowhere to be found or you simply can’t see where it is in the dark! An example of what you might want close to hand is a bundle containing condoms, your favourite lube, bullet vibrators, butt plugs and your favourite dildo or vibrator.
  5. Regularly (at least every other month) go through your collection and throw away your old or broken toys. Be ruthless.  If you haven’t used a toy in the last few months, are you likely to ever again? Remember that with consistently low prices at you can rest assured there will always be something new and exciting for you to sample.
  6. When you do shop at, make sure you select the free lube (for spends over £10) or batteries (spend over £30) while at the checkout to keep your supply topped up.
  7. Socks missing in laundry action? Don’t throw the odd ones away, keep them and store your glass sex toys inside in to stop them clinking and knocking together… or alternatively keep your silicone toys safe in a sock each – which means you can pop them in the box with the rest of your toys without corrosion worries.
  8. Use Sparkle Sex toy Cleaner to keep both your toys and yourself hygienic and bacteria free.
  9. Keep a raunchy erotic book by the bed, whether sex tips and advice or some sheet clenchingly hot fiction. You can then get yourself in the mood to play with a quick read or if you are with your partner, read together as part of foreplay… then maybe even act out some of the scenes! Erotic books are brilliant to fire the imagination and keep your sex life both creative and alive.
  10. If you aren’t going to use a sex toy for a while or it’s not a top ‘grab it quick’ fave, make sure you remove the batteries. It’s an awful feeling, finding a sex toy after you haven’t used it for a while only to find that the inside is corroded from old batteries. Removing the batteries has an added bonus – it means the toy can’t accidentally be turned on by being knocked around while not in use… saving the red faces from buzzing floorboards/cabinets!

As always, keep your sex toy collection complete and up to date by shopping through the fabulous range at Why not start a Sextoys Wishlist to either remind yourself what’s on your ‘buy next’ list, or to cheekily send to a lover, letting them know what you want!

I hope you found these top sex toy tips useful. If you have any you’d like to add, please share them with us over at The Vibe forums.

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