Stocking fillers and sexy Christmas gifts – there’s still time to order!

If you’re a last-minute Christmas shopper then I feel your pain. So far I’ve bought exactly one present, and I imagine that like last year all my shopping will be done online over this weekend, as I feverishly scan the last delivery dates and cross my fingers it’ll all get to me in time to wrap. If you want to order some sexy Christmas gifts then make sure you get your order in soon!

  • Last day to order for international
    delivery: Today – Friday 16th December
  • Last day to order for Royal Mail
    tracked delivery: Tuesday 20th December
  • Last day to order for next day
    delivery: Thursday 22nd December

There. Now that the admin is out of the way, let’s get on to the good part! This year, ignore the socks, bubble bath, and Boots 3-for-2 offers – here are a few sexy Christmas gift suggestions that are way more fun…

Stocking fillers


Obviously I can’t resist the opportunity to recommend stockings themselves as stocking-fillers, so here goes: I’m a big fan of these crotchless fishnet tights from Leg Avenue, because they frame the bum really nicely. They also give you the look of stockings and garter belt, but without any of the hassle of having to do up a garter belt. But if actual stockings are more your thing, there are plenty of options over at the sexy stockings and tights page. All you need to know is that if you’re buying gifts for your lover, stockings are always a better bet than
boring old socks from M&S.

Sexy Sweets

You have to have sweets in your stocking – it’s just the law. Unless you’re diabetic or more of a savoury person, of course. Personally, I’d go for some cola
, but you might prefer a box of after-dinner nipples. There’s lots more on the sweet treats page, which makes me suspect that whoever’s in charge of
buying stock at Sex Toys has a very sweet tooth indeed.

Pasante Extra Safe Condoms

Because, thanks to cold winter nights and Christmas sex by the fire, a hell of a lot of babies are born in late September. In fact, the birth rate is highest 9 months after Christmas. Enough said.

Colourful Bondage Tape

I’m on a bit of a bondage tape mission, if I’m honest: I think every kinky person should have some, it’s a great value piece of bondage gear. I’m very bad at knots and so bringing bondage rope into BDSM play is quite a hefty time investment – bondage tape does away with all that hassle, because it’s quick and easy to use. If you’ve never used it before, make 2017 the year you try it out: it’s not like masking tape or gaffer tape in that it won’t stick to your skin. Bondage tape is soft and plastic-feeling, and it only sticks to itself. So you can be trussed up like a Christmas turkey, then released nice and quickly when you’re finished – without getting an involuntary wax job when you tear it off.

Bigger gifts

Anal sex toys

Glass butt plugs make amazing Christmas gifts, because they’re shiny and sparkling like a Christmas bauble, and incredibly fun to use either on their own or during sex. What’s more, the best thing about giving a butt plug as a gift is that either of you can use it. Like buying a nice cheeseboard or a box of chocolates, these things are made for sharing with your partner. Just make sure you clean it in between uses.

If you love anal play but you want something with a bit more oomph than a butt plug, you should definitely check out the Doxy Don. Firstly because you’ve likely never seen anything like it: it looks a bit like a skittle and a bit like a warped matryoshka doll. But like all Doxy , it packs a serious amount of power. The insertable bulb on the end of the toy thuds and throbs with the same kind of vibration as that found in the Doxy wand – and it feels incredibly good.


There are so many incredible male masturbators in Tenga’s range, it’s hard to pick just one to recommend. But the Air Tech Twist is a new sex toy release, so as someone who is obsessed with collecting all the masturbators that exist in the world, I’m going to go with this one. I have an earlier model Air Tech, and it’s a pretty incredible , as measured by my other half’s explosively orgasmic reaction whenever I get it out of the drawer. The ‘twist’ with the new model (see what I did there?) is that it comes with a gauge you can twist to increase or reduce the tightness – so you can adjust the settings to the perfect level of sexy squeeze


What do you get when you combine electricity with naked bums? A pretty intensely awesome sensation, it turns out. I recently tried some Electra Strim equipment – using the sticky pads on the Electra Stim flick pack to give a really unusual tingling sensation, with occasional jolts of stinging electricity. It’s definitely not a sex toy for beginners, and you need to make sure you read the instructions carefully, but if you and your partner like trying new things, you can’t get much more unusual and kinky than this. I’m hoping I get to use mine a lot more over the holidays…

Christmas is coming…

If none of the above takes your fancy, then of course there are plenty more incredible that make great gifts for your lover – whether it’s bondage equipment, sexy lingerie, or a couples sex toy that you can use together. Best of all
there’s no need to go traipsing around shops, you can order them
right now at the click of a button, leaving you more time to
overindulge at a pre-Christmas party or two. Just make sure you get
your orders in soon to make sure they arrive before Christmas day.

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