Spring Clean your Sex Toys Collection!

It’s officially Spring – which has got to mean Spring cleaning!

We don’t mean any old boring housework though, we obviously mean it’s the ideal time to sort out your sex toys collection.

All too often we hear stories of batteries left too long in sex toys, people leaving silicone toys directly next to each other so they end up semi-disintegrated, misshapen and melted, or simply broken, old or forgotten about toys left discarded under the bed, gathering dust and more.

Here at Sextoys.co.uk we want to help you keep growing a sex toys collection that is pleasurable in all ways, kept clean tidy, stored well and fully functional all year round. That’s why we have put together this handy selection of Spring cleaning tips to help you on your way to the best toy collection you can own.



Sex Toys Spring Cleaning Tips



Gather up all your sex toys, lubes, condom boxes, batteries and bedroom items. Get a bin liner and be ruthless… if it’s broken, not used in months, empty or fit for the bin then throw it away!

Go green – recycle! Here at Sextoys.co.uk we offer a recycling scheme. Simply send us your broken toys and dead batteries and we will place them into our recycling scheme for free. Find out more here.

Check your condom packets. Are they still in date? If not, make sure you throw them away – you can find more at the best prices at Sextoys.co.uk.

You’ve thrown any dead batteries away. Do you have fresh ones ready to be used with your toys? Are they the correct types? Find the ones you need right here so you’re always prepared. There’s nothing worse than reaching for that toy – and having no power!

Sick of relying on batteries? Why not get yourself a Springtime treat and invest in a rechargeable toy. NO more scrabbling around for batteries! The most popular rechargeable toys have to be the sumptuous luxury from Jimmyjane and LELO.

Check the wires on wired toys. Ensure they haven’t become exposed, worn or disconnected – if they have, throw them away! Your safety comes first. You can buy brand new wired or remote controlled toys at Sextoys.co.uk which are perfectly safe to use and fantastic value too.

Lacking some lube? Don’t let yourself run dry. If your favourite bottles are coming to an end or you simply want to try out some new varieties, chuck out the last remaining drops and get yourself some new sensations from our Lubricants area.

Give your bedroom a new lease of life with some ambient candles, some of which can also be used for massage – as well as a boost for your love life with enhancers such as the new Blue Zeus and Pink Venus, or the ever popular Spanish Fly.

Don’t forget about the knicker drawer! If it’s the wrong size, old, grey, or simply not sexy – refresh your wardrobe and yourself with some brand new treats from our lingerie and hosiery department.

Once you’ve replaced, renewed and treated yourself and your sex toys collection at Sextoys.co.uk, make sure you store your products carefully. You can find out more in our related post, Storage tips of a sex toys addict.

We hope you’ve found our sex toys spring cleaning guide useful – and wish you a lively love life and pleasurable toy collection that will leave you with a spring in your step all year round!

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