Sex – The Fountain of Youth?

The age-old sought after secret to staying young has finally been revealed… 

British consultant clinical psychologist, Dr David Weeks, has shed much desired light on a topic… much desired!

Recent studies have shown that regular sex can make both men and women look five to seven years younger! As reported in the Telegraph, bedroom fun can induce the release of the human growth hormone – giving skin more elasticity and making it appear more supple.


“The quality of sexual expression maintained in older adults is a predictor of good general health and well-being…In a Welsh heart disease study from 1997, the mortality risk was 50 per cent lower in the group of men with high orgasmic frequency (twice a week or more) than in the group with low frequency. Sexual satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life, ranking at least as high as spiritual or religious commitment and other morale factors, so more positive attitudes towards mature sex should be vigorously promoted”  – Dr David Weeks.

So go ahead, contribute to your personal anti-ageing process and share this news with a loved one!

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