Remote control toys – Are they for you?

You may have heard of, seen or even browsed the category on Sex Toys for remote controlled vibrators and remote sex toys, but what are the benefits?

Remote controlled toys are great fun for couple play and super convenient if you are playing alone.

Imagine going out for the evening with your partner and they have a bullet or egg inserted or even vibrating knickers on. You have the remote control, discreetly in your hand, ready to deliver a range of sensations and stimulating pulses and vibrations whenever you so choose. The power, the excitement and the range of possibilities you both have available to you can trigger such a heightened sense of arousal, that, coupled with the fact you are in a public place, cab be overwhelmingly erotic.

Or perhaps you are the one who wants to be teased and stimulated at the mercy of your partner.  All choice is removed from you as you submit to their whims, who knows when and which button they’ll press? Get ready to bite that lip hard, in case you moan aloud and give the game away!

The risk involved in public play has always provided couples with a high sense of adventure and eroticism, adding a whole new angle to sex lives around the world. Whether your love life needs spicing up or you regularly indulge in a spot of outdoor naughtiness, these remote controlled toys provide the perfect solution to your illicit desires.

If you are by yourself, maybe you fancy going out one evening, on the town, and taking the toy with you.  Simply slip the discreet controller in your pocket or handbag and activate when you get the desire. How high do you dare push the stimulation settings? Would you be brave enough to enjoy the peak of pleasure in the centre of a crowded pub or club?

Of course you can use indoors too….

For couple play, remote control toys are great as there are no wires to restrict and get in the way.  Your partner can literally sit on the other side of the room and watch you writhe around in ecstasy.  When playing alone, remote control toys give you the control and freedom you crave.  Simply lie back and enjoy!

These remote controlled toys certainly offer a variety of new and exciting options for carnal pleasures. The types of toys you can buy vary widely, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

The majority of remote vibes are designed to be worn vaginally. There is a whole host of remote eggs and bullet vibrators you can find which you can enjoy. The Seventh Heaven remote vibrator (on offer this week!) is a slim, velvet feel vibrator that is both gentle and powerful, providing perfect pleasure with a cute hand held controller. For something to indulge in anally, try these remote controlled anal plug probes.

There are even remote control vibes specifically designed to cater to those who love g-spot stimulation. Or why not try it all, with a complete set for every occasion?

No longer do you have to rely on a hand to hold a toy to or inside you, or deal with annoying wires and leads. Remote controlled toys are the way forwards for pleasure on the go, anytime you like!

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