Our guide to getting your Rocks Off!

Rocks Off manufacture some of the world’s best known and loved sex toys – and all here in the UK! We’re proud to bring you this guide to the much loved Rocks Off range – all available here at Sextoys.co.uk.

The fun bright colours, medical grade silicone material and easy functions make this range a must have for everyone serious about getting the most pleasure from their toy collection.

So just what does Rocks Off have to offer?

Rocks Off are perhaps most famous for their renowned and all time best selling RO-80mm Ammunition for Love bullet, known most commonly simply as the RO-80mm. This single speed toybox wonder is just so versatile, we find it hard to believe there’s anyone out there who hasn’t yet sampled its magic! Cool, sleek and metallic, this one speed and waterproof bullet is perfect for solo play for women (or men!). Use it clitorally, over the labia, internally and as an erogenous zone teaser to make the most of this time tested wishlist topping toy.

It is even available in a choice of colours – why not own a few to keep in handy reach for reliable pleasure when you need it?

The RO-80mm forms the vibrating part of several other Rocks Off toys too. It is removable from these toys so you’ll always get 2 toys for the one purchase, bargain!

Rock Chicks – The innovative Rock Chick is a brilliant way for women to experience vaginally penetrative, g-spot and clitoral pleasure simultaneously – all powered by the fantastic RO-80mm inside. The newer Groovy Chick style is smoother, slimmer and has a more defined curve for some really rampant G-spot action. Both are entirely waterproof for even more playtime opportunities – take to the bath or shower!

Boy Range – Rocks Off present their Boys range of toys. Ideal for anal and in particular, prostate massage, these solid and chunky silicone designs are all waterproof and have been crafted to hit the right spot and with a range of sizes on offer. In order of size they are the Naughty Boy, Bad Boy, Butt Boy, Rude Boy, Cheeky Boy and Big Boy. Sure to be a size and style for every man!

Ass Berrys – Fun for your bum! Why settle for a normal butt plug when you can get really fruity with a Rocks Off Ass Berry? A choice of two sizes (smaller Pink and larger Black) these berry patterned anal toys deliver intense stimulation to your forbidden territory. Priced from just £16.95, true value for such a reliable staple of your toy collection.


I want more than the RO-80mm!

There are other sizes of Rocks Off bullets which you may wish to sample, for instance the big brother to the RO-80mm, the RO-120mm. This larger size bullet has amplified vibrations; still retaining the firm, metal thrills but with more spread out vibes to target larger areas. There is a choice of five functions too!

Ideal as a massager or penetrative vibrator on its own, the RO-120mm bullet vibrator is also the power behind the Mini Mates sets. Mini Mates comprise the RO-120mm bullet as well as a silicone, warming to the body sleeve that fits over it, providing a new sensation and sensual play experience just how you like it.

RO-100mm and RO-140mm bullet vibes both feature soft, silicone tips with a rounded point, designed for precision vibration at the high standard of pleasure quality you can expect from Rocks Off. The RO-100mm has three functions while the RO-140mm has an amazing seven to choose from.

In a choice of colours, these bullet vibes are popular with those who seek the warmth of silicone as opposed to the hard, cool metallic feel of the RO-80mm and RO-120mm vibrators.

The newest member of the Rocks Off bullet range is the waterproof RO-150mm. A statement of unashamed luxury, this golden, longer length bullet vibe boasts five settings and sits in gift style packaging and would be ideal as a treat for a loved one – or why not just spoil yourself – you deserve it!

Anything else?

The Rocks Off range also offers two different styles of cock rings, the Hot Lips style which simply fits over and around the male and stimulates her clit by vibrating against it; and the 4 Us ring which is powered by the removable and versatile RO-80mm bullet.

Get your Rocks Off the Sextoys.co.uk way – starting at just £6.95!


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