Hitting cinemas in August is the long awaited arrival of Lovelace.

Certainly venturing away from box office home comforts, actress Amanda Seyfried’s new film tells the tale that many seasoned sexperts have been waiting for – that of porn actress Linda Lovelace.   Back in February, Em wrote an extensive feature on the role of Seyfried, Lovelace herself and the upcoming biopic. Click here to read it. Here at HQ, we are excitedly anticipating the film release, and have embedded the YouTube trailer below for any of our enthusiastic and curious readers. Lovelace was instantly thrust into the spotlight through the medium of one film: Deep Throat. Famed for her sexually liberated participation in the adult movie world, Linda could be seen as a visionary – and later, when she broke her silence – as a pawn of the industry. Join the discussion. What do you guys think of this release? [youtube]

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