Join our new Erotic Book Club!

Here at Sex Toys we have opened our very own Erotic Book Club!

Erotic books, whether fiction or non-fiction can be an important part of foreplay. You may choose to get yourself in the mood for sex by reading some raunchy erotica, brush up on the latest bedroom advice or read each other some sizzlingly saucy stories to spice things up.

Each month we will nominate a Book of the Month, which will also be on special offer. We will be sending this book absolutely FREE to one lucky member of The Vibe!

Make sure you check out all the latest book chat right now over at The Vibe. Share all your book news and reviews, discuss your latest paperback purchase or simply ask for advice on your next literary choice.

There will also be opportunities to meet up with other members of the Erotic Book Club at various locations throughout the year.

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