Five Vaginas I have Enjoyed

When it comes to male masturbators I have tried a few, in fact I’ve tested a lot of them since I started reviewing sex toys, more years ago than I care to remember. That means I have a somewhat unique perspective on the ability of this kind of male sex toy to enhance the act of masturbation both for me and my partner.

So, you thought male masturbators and strokers were just for the pleasure of the guys? Of course not, a lot of women love to see a guy, erm, enjoying himself and have you ever known a man who did not enjoy showing himself off to his partner? Even better if he is pleasuring himself at the same time!


Starting with something simple and inexpensive I would first like to introduce you to the Monkey Spanker, a sex toy designed in the UK and enjoyed across the world. The Monkey Spanker is fun and easy to use with just a little lube to ensure a smooth ride.


Another inexpensive masturbator that I found was surprisingly effective was “Jessica’s Tight Ass”. This isn’t a very realistic looking masturbator but does let you slip yourself inside for sensation along your whole shaft. It’s also transparent making it great for you and your partner to watch the action, but the best thing about Jessica’s Tight Ass is that the curved shape and three bobbly chambers deliver great stimulation. Not bad for a sub £20 sex toy.


Another masturbator that gave me a pleasant surprise both in terms of price and sensation was the Ballers Double Ended Stroker. It isn’t much to look at but the stimulation is excellent and the firm walls isolate you from your own hand a little making this masturbator feel like someone else is working you to a happy finish even when it’s a solo effort.


I couldn’t talk about masturbators without mentioning Tenga. They are the Japanese masters of masturbators who have created some of the best selling male pleasure products around. The Tenga Egg Masturbators are about the size of a goose egg and contain the masturbator and a sachet of lube so you are ready to go right out of the box, or more accurately, shell. They are very tactile because of the pliable, elastic walls and very visual as when stretched tight over you during use they become translucent.


The Tenga 3D range of male masturbators which includes the Tenga 3D Spiral are larger and more robust than the Tenga Eggs and have a rather intriguing twist. Unlike all other male masturbators they arrive inside-out. That means that you see the stimulating pattern when you buy, each of which is a geometric shape, swirls, spirals, blocks etc. Like all Tenga products they are totally body friendly and simply need a nice quality water based lube to give you many hours of fun.

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