Fancy some Fleshlight Fun?

Fleshlights are the last word in male masturbatory toys. Famous for their supremely realistic feeling Superskin sleeves, Fleshlights are as close the the real thing as you can get, and are extremely popular male sex toys.

Each and every Fleshlight looks like an ordinary torch making it really discreet.  Take off the lid and inside you will find a soft sleeve realistic look and feel sleeve.

Being a world famous, renowned and trusted brand means you can rely on Fleshlight to deliver great sensations every time. These truly are the masturbators for connoisseurs. From the deluxe, lidded presentation tin which oozes glamour, to the securely fitting, well structured and strong canister holder containing your Fleshlight of choice, you will know you have chosen correctly if discreet and satisfying stimulation is your thing.

Fleshlight knows that not everybody is the same which is why they have something for everybody.

Choose from:

  • Fleshlight Classic Pink – Classic Fleshlight sleeves for guaranteed orgasms
  • Fleshlight Ice – chilling thrills as you see yourself through the crystal style Ice sleeves
  • Fleshlight Stamina – for your complete endurance training course, everyone wants to last longer in bed!
  • Fleshlight Vibro – add powerful vibrations into the mix for an intense experience
  • Fleshlight Girls – lusting after your favourite adult star? Here’s your chance for a really close encounter…
  • Fleshjack for gay men – in a choice of Classic Pink, Porn Stud or Ice

Once you have chosen your Fleshlight range, it’s time to think about orifices! Yes, boys, decide where you want to put it. The above ranges all have the choice of either Mouth, Vagina or Anal entrances, with the exception of Fleshjack, which comes in (excuse the pun) either Mouth or Anal. There are also different internal patterns too such as ribbed, speed bump, wavy, vortex and much more.

There really is a Fleshlight for everyone!

When you receive your Fleshlight masturbation aid, you will probably want to start using it immediately. We advise that you give it a wash first though to remove any manufacture residue and to reassure you that your Fleshlight is 100% ready for use and make sure that you remove the cardboard tube from within the sleeve. This has simply ensured that your Fleshlight sleeve has remained in pristine condition whilst on it’s way to you.

To wash your Fleshlight for the first time, remove it from the canister, ensure it is cardboard tube free, then place in warm tap water. Shake off excess water (you can pat dry with a towel) and then place back into your Fleshlight case.

Want to start enjoying your male masturbator immediately? Well now’s the time to reach for the lube!. Be sure to only use waterbased lubricants with your treasured Fleshlight, silicone lubricants will cause the sleeve to deteriorate. Lube yourself and the sleeve then you’re ready to start pumping your way to pleasure!

After use: Remove the sleeve from the canister, run warm water through the sleeve to get rid of any deposits and make sure it is thoroughly clean. Soap or other detergents may damage the sleeve material but if you wish, you can use some isopropyl alcohol along with the warm water.

Feeling sticky? Restore your Fleshlight to its former soft, sexy and silky glory by powdering it with corn flour, widely available and cheap!

We know you can’t wait to enjoy a Fleshlight of your own, so why not shop through the entire range at Sex Toys UK today!

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