Cool things to do with your pubic hair (if you want to!)

Pubes are political, which is weird when you think about it: most of us have them, some people have more than others, and in the grand scheme of your life they should be about as relevant as the shape of your feet or the colour of your toenails. But pubes are political because pubic fashions come and go, and there are still some people who will judge you by the exact amount of pubic hair you choose to shave off or keep.

People are odd.

But just as you shouldn’t feel pressured to shave it off, equally you shouldn’t feel like you have to grow it out to make a political point. There are lots of reasons people choose to shave or shape their pubic hair: because they like the way it feels, because they prefer the way they look with a certain style, or because shaved pubes allow them to enjoy their favourite sex toys more easily. Personally I like a trim, because I like the feel of having slightly shorter pubic hair, but I don’t wax or shave right up close to the skin because ingrowing hairs are the worst thing since unsliced bread.

Why am I suddenly so pube-obsessed? Well, when I’m hunting for good blog ideas each week, usually I take a trip to the ‘what’s new‘ section of this site, to see what shiny new sex toys there are available, and this week I spotted not a sex toy but a very practical item: a pubic hair trimmer made by Bathmate. Bathmate usually make penis pumps: the kind you use in the bath or shower, but they’ve added the pubic trimmer to their line because you get a better seal for dick suction if your pubic hair is shorter (or not there at all).

So it got me thinking about pubic hair, and the fun things you can do with it that have nothing to do with politics or practicality. If you enjoy a bit of pubic styling, here are my favourite things you can do with pubic hair…

Trim it into a shape

You’ve probably seen this before, right? Even if you or a partner has never tried it, there are any number of pubic hair grooming guides online that will show you how to shave your pubes into a heart shape, or achieve the perfectly straight landing strip.

No pressure to do it if you don’t want to: most people (me included) would rather not have to deal with the faff. But I know some people who love pubic styling in the same way they love trying out new lingerie or make-up looks: changing little details about themselves helps them appreciate just how badass they look. More importantly, it gives them an excuse to get naked in front of their partner, to show off their impressive styling skills.

Dye it

Yes, this is actually a thing! You can buy pubic hair dye in a range of colours, from natural hair colours like blonde or brunette to more radical colours like pinks, purples and blues. Some people like to dye their pubic hair to cover up grey, while others just see their pubic hair as one more part of a canvas that they can decorate how they like.

Personally I’m sad to think that anyone would be encouraged to colour grey pubic hair, because the last thing the world needs is another impossible beauty standard (you must remain young forever!) for us to try to live up to. But I do love the idea of turning my pubic hair purple: partly because purple is my favourite colour, but mostly because I just want to see my boyfriend’s face when I take my knickers off to reveal Barney-the-Dinosaur themed junk.

Ask your partner to shave or trim it

I’ve saved the best for last, because this one is my favourite. I’ve spent quite a few happy times lying on my back with my bum resting on a towel while a guy I love pays close attention to everything between my legs. It does require a certain amount of trust (and someone with very steady hands!) but shaving or trimming each other’s hair can be a really intimate and sexy thing. Make sure you have a good sharp razor (if you’re shaving) or a decent set of trimmers (like the Bathmate ones) because the last thing you need is a shaving cut to kill the mood.

But once you’ve got the equipment, you can settle down and enjoy being groomed by your partner… and they can enjoy getting to see you at your most intimate and vulnerable. And if one thing should lead to another then that’s an added bonus.

Love your pubic hair – whatever you choose to do with it!

Pubic hair isn’t just a visual thing: it’s also incredibly tactile. Whatever someone’s pubic style, whether they’re shaved, trimmed, waxed or au naturel, appreciating what they have down there is one of the hottest things you can do in bed. Next time you’re rubbing someone down with massage oil, giving them head or using your hands to get them worked up, pay a bit of attention to the mons pubis (the mound where most of the pubic hair grows). Touch it, feel it, love it, and enjoy the tactile sensations against your hands. After all, whatever your partner does with theirs, their choices make them entirely unique – and to my mind there’s nothing hotter than knowing your uniqueness is turning someone on.

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