Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with us!

This year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit – so why not join in with our celebrations here at Sextoys.co.uk? We are delighted to share with you our knowledge and experience of Rabbit Vibrators, where they originated, how they work and what they can offer you.

Rabbits must be the most well known and popular of all women’s sex toys. Rabbit vibrators consist of a penetrative shaft and a clitoral stimulator to the front in the form of ‘rabbit ears’, hence the term rabbit vibrators. Both the shaft and clitoral stimulating ears vibrate and are controlled via either a front panel or other easy function. They work independently or together, you choose, so you can control your pleasure. Within the rabbit vibrator shaft section you will traditionally find an area filled with squirmy beads or rings of rotating beads to give increased pleasure when used internally.

You will find that some rabbit vibrators feature a ‘face’ design just under where the phallus frenulum lies. This may seem like a bizarre addition but there is a reason behind it. Many years ago, Japan were prohibited from making or selling any devices that depicted the male genitals and so a face was added so no-one could call it exactly ‘phallic’. This custom has continued down to this day in places, so do not be alarmed if you find a friendly face on your rabbit vibe!

Rabbit style vibrators offer the most sexually aware lady a toy that is sure to satisfy which is why they remain the top sought after toybox product around the world.

These popular and reliable vibrators became popular after the acclaimed TV series Sex and the City, where in the very first season, character Miranda is overwhelmed by the orgasmic pleasure brought to her from her new Rabbit Vibrator.

Rabbit vibes used to only be available through stores in dark alleys,  abroad, or were so expensive that buyers were simply put off by the high cost. These days they are much more obtainable from fantastic retailers like Sextoys.co.uk. Because we combine the lowest prices in the industry, high quality products and customer discretion by online ordering, getting your hands on a once elusive rabbit vibe has never been easier.

Firstly, decide what will be important to you in your rabbit vibrator. There are many different kinds, of which the following are just a small sampling:

There are rabbit vibes for all budgets. At Sextoys.co.uk our rabbit vibrators range is priced from just £16.95 all the way up to £99.95 for the Dream Duet Locking Rabbits.

  • Loving Joy – Loving Joy offers Jessica Rabbits which are traditional yet powerful, fun and funky waterproof great value for money rabbits. Jessica Rabbits range from £19.95 to £34.95.
  • Vibe Therapy – Vibe Therapy toys are high quality, smooth and sleek and crafted from luxurious silicone. The rabbit style vibes are contoured for pleasure and priced at £59.95 each.
  • Fun Factory – The colourful and robust Fun Factory range includes some funky and dinky rabbit styles. Try the BMinis Flash for £39.95 or the larger Smartvibe Tango for £59.95. Sure to brighten anyone’s collection and sumptuous in silicone too!
  • Doc Johnson – A trusted, renowned and popular brand, Doc Johnson offer various rabbits in their collection. Priced from £43.95 to £95.45 (for the superb ‘it does everything you can think of and more’ Jenna’s Ultimate Butterfly Thruster) Doc Johnson make sure your every rabbit desire is catered for.
  • LELO – What more is there to say about LELO, crafters of some of the finest pleasure objects known in the sex toys world? Meet their Rabbit vibrator, called Ina. The LELO Ina is rechargeable, waterproof and yours for £89.95. Or upgrade to the brand new Insignia range with LELO Soraya, gold trimmed and with a bullet style clit stim. Both are presented in a choice of colours to suit your personality.
  • Jimmyjane – When searching for the ultimate rabbit, you may wish to try Jimmyjane’s new Usual Suspects Iconic Rabbit, priced at £89.95. With the Usual Suspects Iconic Collection, Jimmyjane have dedicated themselves to seeking out the classic sex toy styles then incorporating the very best attributes into them, finishing the range in a pure and elegant, stylish white. The Iconic Rabbit also forms part of the Usual Suspects Complete Collection sets.

You can find all the Rabbit style vibrators at Sextoys.co.uk here.

Rabbit Vibrators are the time tested, toybox essential for women. To share the bunny love, for this week only we are running a very special rabbit themed promotion!

Sextoys.co.uk are giving our customers 20% off ALL Loving Joy Jessica Rabbit Vibrators! This fantastic promotion runs all this week and ends midnight Sunday 13 February. The Jessica Rabbit range is extensive and thorough, so there is bound to be a Jessica to suit you.

Simply select your Jessica Rabbit – the 20% has already been taken off the price!

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Sextoys.co.uk – come buy a satisfaction guaranteed, 20% off, Jessica Rabbit vibrator today!

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