Born Slippy: What Is Nuru Massage?

There’s a new craze in town…and it’s NOT loom bands! Introducing Nuru massage, the best thing to come out of Japan since your last vibrator! We’ve just added the Mr Nori’s Magic Gel range which provides everything you need to get downright slippy with this new, erotic massage that you have to try to believe!

So what is Nuru massage?

Nuru Massage is a full body-body sensual massage that is usually performed between two, nude people with a unique type of massage gel, often called “nuru massage gel”, “nuru nuru” or simply “nuru gel”. Couples (or more if you’re feeling adventurous) use the gel to massage and slide against each other, which creates a sensual feeling. The word nuru originates from the Japanese language, which means “slippery”.


So now you know the basics, what next?

Explore the range and pick out a Magic Gel which suits you and your needs. All of the variants in the Magic Gel range are gentle, water based, taste and odour free gels that are not tested on animals. Perfect to use in the shower or bath. When diluted with water, Nr Nori’s Magic Gel turns into a fantastically slippery, thick, clear gel that can be used for a whole new style of playtime! Cover your whole body and get extra close to your partner for some sensual, slippery fun! What’s more, these gels are made with high-grade, body safe ingredients that will leave your skin feeling sleek, healthy and hydrated too!


Which type of Mr Nori’s Magic Gel should I choose?


The Authentic can be used straight out of the bottle for shower/bath play or can be mixed with water for a sensual, slippery massage.


The Moist has the same consistency as the Authentic but includes added moisturising ingredients and properties such as Aloe Vera and Soothing Chamomile. Perfect for those with dryer skin.


And finally comes the Concentrate version. A versatile, thick gel which lasts far longer than the other versions and can be used for shower play or even shaving! Due to the concentrate being the purest form, it doesn’t run off the skin as easily, so play in the shower can last even longer!


We even stock the Premium Nuru Air Mattress which can be used for massage and play with the Nori Gel. Ideal for slip-sliding around on and keeping your floor or bed clean, the mattress can be inflated for fun and deflated for easy storage. Wipe-clean for a quick clean-up”.

Check out some of the ‘serving suggestions’ for Nuru Massage while we head off to try out some Magic Gel!




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