Batteries Not Included?

Here at Sex Toys we have  very few returns.  Of course every now and then a toy will have a manufacturer fault but sometimes our customers send items back that have absolutely nothing wrong with them.

The most common cause for items not working is that the batteries have been inserted wrong.  It may be hard to believe but it’s true!

We know how annoying it must be to order your sexy goods online, be eagerly awaiting your package, only to insert the batteries and then find  your new toy doesn’t work. Then there is the hassle of sending it back (we do offer a freepost return service) and then wait for a replacement to be sent back to you.

Now we’re not saying you’re stupid, I mean, if you’re anything like me and so many of my girlies, you probably won’t be reading the instructions and how hard can it be to put four batteries in a rabbit, right?

So – just in case you do encounter any problems with your toys, please check this simple guide first.

There are many different types of battery compartments in the huge array of sex toys that are out there. Some are very common and familiar and some aren’t. Have a look at the battery compartment first and make sure you have the right size batteries.

Sometimes you will need to completely remove the compartment as there may be an extra space at the back for another battery.  This is one of the most common mistakes people make.  Not inserting enough batteries.

Some battery compartments have the springs on the same end so you may automatically think the batteries both face the same way when in actual fact one of them, the positive side of the battery (the side with the little outward tip) needs to be against the spring. This is unusual but it is the only way the toy will work.

There will always be a symbol inside the compartment to show you the correct way to position the batteries. It can be faint, small and very hard to see but it will be there.

Another problem we have is with the  little bullet vibrators that take LR44 batteries. They are the tiny round batteries that look like watch batteries. Sometimes as you slide these into your bullet they can swivvel them selves round so they are facing the wrong way. If your fingers don’t fit in the battery compartment you could try using a pen or pencil to follow the battery down to make sure it doesn’t turn inside.

Something to be aware of with any type of bullet is that you need to screw the cap on tightly and securely but don’t over screw it as the cap could split or crack.

Here is another thing to try if you are having trouble getting your toy working. There will always be a  metal contact point on the outside of the battery compartment that completes the circuit. These contacts can look like two small tabs that stick out. Sometimes these tabs can be flattened down so they don’t connect with the inside of the toy. Just lift these up slightly and try it again.

Also always try your new toy with a fresh set of batteries. Different amounts of power are used for different items, so although some batteries may have enough juice left in them to control your TV remote control, it may not have enough to power your multi-speed turbo rabbit vibrator!

We have batteries of all shapes and sizes to fit all of the different toys and products that we sell. Look here for our selection

Last resort, read the instructions carefully (as annoying as this is!) as it could save you wasting precious ‘you time’! We also have a fantastic customer service team here that are always happy to help with any queries over the phone or by email.

Happy playing people ; )

xXx Rach xXx

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