A Sexplorer’s Fantasy!

“What kind of holiday do you most desire… Frolicking in the snow, perhaps? How about a nice, relaxing cruise?”

“Been there, done that!”

Well, here’s something er, different for the sexplorers among us – Korea’s very own sex theme park! Initially, yes, it did give us the giggles. However, Jeju Loveland, of South Korea  promises a day full of fun! With 140 sexy sculptures, the picture posing opportunities are endless and your curiosity will be cured.


The brainchild and creation of art grad school students, this themed attraction seems to invite a plethora of  silly picture takers, and well, wouldn’t you want to catch these numerous Kodak moments? Whilst browsing through these pics online, the trippy appeal of this Korean Loveland is evident.

A fun and quirky way to spend the day, this tourist attraction is actually situated on a beautifully mountainous and beachy island. Popular with honeymooners, Jeju Loveland is ironically part of a ‘dream destination’.

Would you ever be tempted to take this type of trip?!

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