Furry Fantasy

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Furry Fantasy is an exquisite metal tail butt plug brand created by Loving Joy and launched in 2017. Made of soft, fluffy faux fur, the Furry Fantasy tails are sensual, fun and eye-catching and they all feature a high quality, aluminium-alloy butt plug that is easy to clean and maintain. The tempting line of plugs were launched to cater to customers indulging in the emerging kink of animal role play and are suitable for both beginners and advanced anal players. The expanding Furry Fantasy range includes fluffy bunny tails, a scruffy fox tail, a long and majestic black panther tail and a bright and colourful rainbow unicorn tail, ideal for Pride celebration. So immerse yourself in a Furry Fantasy with one of these bestselling tail butt plugs and awaken your wild side today! If you are not quite sure what the tail-craze is all about, check out our informative blog post about this niche here. Or if you would like to browse other tails too, check out our tail butt plug category here.