Foreplay is the playtime before intercourse. It can encompass a wide range of activities from undressing to kissing and caressing to oral sex. Foreplay is one way of setting the mood; getting the feeling right and making sure both of you are fully aroused before continuing with intercourse. A lot of women find that foreplay helps to make sure they are fully aroused making intercourse easier due to the natural lubrication that forms. Men with erection dysfunction can find prolonged stimulation via foreplay a good way of dealing with the problem, allowing them to become fully hard before attempting intercourse.

There is no correct length of time to spend on foreplay it is all down to what you feel is right, whether it be 5 minutes or a hour, it is all down to how

much you want and need. There is no set format either, just sit back and relax and enjoy whether you start just kissing and cuddling and slowly move on to oral sex, or dive straight in for the 69 position it is all down to how you and your partner respond to each other. Foreplay is also a good excuse to introduce sex toys into your relationship, from small clitoral stimulators to vibrators, they are great way of finding out exactly what you like. Why not take charge and show your partner what you like, while they watch, or ask them to show you.

Set the mood and take time to slowly undress each other or perhaps perform a striptease to entice them, having the right atmosphere is a key to successful foreplay, and heightening eroticism and sensuality. Start off slow, start kissing and caressing, kissing is a brilliant way to start, don’t be shy to experiment with kisses, directing them all over your partners body working especially on the more sensitive areas. Move slowly on to the genital area, softly touching kissing or licking, making sure your partner feels comfortable to move on, don’t take things to fast. Don’t be to hasty to move on to intercourse, take the time and enjoy it, foreplay is a wonderful thing for building up understanding and trust between yourself and your partner.