Dropping Hints to Bring In Sex Toys

Sometimes getting across what you want whether it be in the bedroom or in life generally can be a difficult and scary process. Dropping hints to your other half is a method that women have used for years, but how effective is this method and does it really work? Here’s some tips on how to drop hints that will get you what you want.

So you’ve spent the evening browsing sextoys.co.uk and have seen the most delectable vibrator that you “just” have to have! You can’t bring yourself to suggest a purchase so you decide to hint drop

Remember subtle hints can be easily overlooked or ignored, so you have to find the best way of hinting at exactly what you want. The direct approach often works best, so why not try setting up a wish list and sending it direct to your partners e-mail so he or she can see exactly what you want. A direct hint like this can lead to discussion and the best way to get what you want is to communicate with your partner and decide together about what will work for you as a couple. The wish list is effortless from your partner’s perspective, they don’t have to search just hit a button, pay and the goodies are on their way to them and you!

Browsing together can help you drop hints, when you see something you like instead of demanding “I want that” why not try “can you imagine how good that would be, when we are doing X”. Subtle ego flattering always works a treat, use flattery to coerce your partner into seeing things your way. If you’re brave you could go for the ultimate hint dropping technique, wait till the right moment when he or she is in post orgasmic bliss, and sweetly say “you know what would have been fantastic?, X would have made that really really, really, good”. Remember the key to dropping hints is communication, you can’t expect your partner to telepathically know what you want, if you want an, all seeing all doing twisty vibrating purple vibrator, then that’s what you are going to have to get across or you may just end up with something that does nothing for you. Try reverse phsychology, whilst buying a present for your partner, when it’s really for you is something of a faux par, but why not buy something that you know he wants along the same lines as your ideal present, and then subtly say “ I got this for you when I was looking at X for me” and see if they take the bait.

A good gossip with friends when your partner is hanging around is also a great way of grabbing their attention. Talk to your friends about the amazing things you have heard about “x” and what wonderful things it does and how you would really love to try it out. Hopefully you’ll grab his attention!