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Sit in my love chair: outrageous erotic furniture (and affordable equivalents!)

Image of a sign that says 'sex: do not disturb'

I am a big fan of unusual erotic furniture. There’s something about putting a tonne of work and craftsmanship into something beautiful and substantial that you will use solely for the purpose of sex. Perhaps the most outrageous and famous item of erotic furniture is the love chair that belonged to King Edward VII. Behold […]

Sex swing top tips, positions, assembly and more!

A set of empty playground swings in a park

The first time I ever encountered a sex swing was, poetically, inside a swingers club. A woman was lying in it being attended to by a group of eager gentlemen, and having an absolute whale of a time. But while you might think of sex swings as something you need a big budget – or […]

Virtual reality sex: how do you shag in VR?

Purple hued image of an oculus headset for virtual reality sex

Are you both a wanker and a nerd? Then you’ll enjoy this. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly pejorative nature of both those words: I am a proudly nerdy wanker, and combining these two things makes for a whole lot of fun. Most notably: the fun I can have with virtual reality sex. Virtual reality […]

Erotic electrostimulation: what is e-stim, and why is it so hot?

Picture of a sky at night with huge forks of lightning running from the top of the image to the bottom

Today we’re going to talk about electrosex – aka ‘erotic electrostimulation.’ Also known as ‘e-stim’, this sexy activity involves connecting your body to specially engineered erotic electrostimulation equipment and using the current to stimulate your nerves. Wait! Before you run to the nearest plug socket (or just run away in fear that this might be […]

Remote control sex toys: 3 hot sex games to play with your partner

The most commonly-cited sex game to play with remote control sex toys is the one where you wear them in public: vibrating knicker vibes or vibrating love eggs which can be worn discreetly, and turned up or down to give someone a secret sexual thrill. But we’ve all heard of these sex games, haven’t we? […]

Unique Valentine’s ideas that cost less than £20

Pile of £20 notes

Right now you can buy a dozen red roses from Marks and Spencer for £20. A nice Valentine’s treat, sure, but it certainly won’t win you any awards for originality. What’s more, those flowers will have wilted within a week or so. Surely there are more unique Valentine’s ideas that will last a little longer? […]

Erotic massage (AKA Nuru massage) – tips, tricks and sex toy special offers

Erotic massage has to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to begin a play session. You get to touch – and be touched – all over, paying attention to areas that often get overlooked in favour of heading straight for the genitals. What’s more, with the right massage oil and some sheets […]

Dry January, Veganuary, Januhairy: what impact do these have on your sex life?

New year, new you? We’re over that in 2019. The idea that you need to remake your whole body or personality when the new year rolls round is a bit dystopian. But with initiatives like Veganuary or Dry January on the rise, many people are using this month to try and make smaller lifestyle changes […]

Oh cum all ye faithful: top five sexiest Christmas songs

If you’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree, you’ll probably want to whack on some Slade and yell ‘IIIIT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAAS!’ at the top of your voice. But if you fancy a festive frolic between the sheets, you might want to ditch the party tunes in favour of something a little more erotic. To that end, I […]

Weird and curious sex toys – why you should mix up your masturbation techniques

Routine isn’t always a bad thing: sometimes you just want to relax into your comfort zone. But there are other times when routine can get you down. Especially when it comes to sex and masturbation, some people worry that they might get used to the same type of stimulation, and struggle to get off on […]