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What is a couples vibrator, and why should you try one?

Despite my general love of sex toys, and all things that go ‘bzzz’ in the night, one of the products I was always a little ambivalent about in the past was couples vibrators. Until I actually tried one, that is. Let’s start off by defining our terms: what exactly do we mean by ‘couples vibrator‘? […]

Anal sex toys: we’ve come a long way since these Victorian butt plugs

Question: would you buy a ‘recto-rotor’? Sold as a device to help alleviate – among other things – constipation and prostate trouble, this remarkably-butt-plug-shaped device was advertised in magazines and newspapers back in the early 1920s, next to proud claims that they could provide certain health benefits. Here’s what it looked like: would you fancy […]

It’s festival season! What are the best vibrators to take to festivals?

It’s festival season! What are the best vibrators to take to festivals?    I love a good festival: three days (or sometimes more) during which you can switch your phone off, drown yourself in cider, and focus every bit of your energy on having a lovely time. And if you, like me, refuse to let […]

Sex tips from women to men (and vice versa!)

If you’ve not spent much time on reddit before, I don’t blame you: some of the forums can be a hotbed of horribleness, and not a very pleasant place to spend your browsing time. But it’s not all bad – some reddit threads can give you a really interesting insight into people’s thoughts and feelings. […]

Best vibrators to use AFTER sex (yes, you heard me!)

The internet was ringing with gales of laughter earlier this week when someone wrote in to the Guardian advice page asking why his girlfriend masturbates after sex. ‘Is she insatiable?’ he asked, of her post-shag desire to rub a quick one out. But hold your giggles for a second: for some of us, masturbating after […]

Georgian shagging advice and other weird sex tips from history

I suspect you, like me, have rolled your eyes at a fair few weird sex tips in your time. From the infamous Cosmo ‘put a donut on his penis then eat it off seductively‘ to the supremely arrogant ‘guaranteed’ tips on how to blow someone’s mind in bed. But no matter how strange the sex […]

Six different ways to tackle Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s that season: I am brazenly writing as much stuff about Valentine’s Day as possible because, let’s face it, V-day is an important event in the sex toy calendar. There will be people who discover their first sex toy as a result of a Valentine’s Day gift, and there will be couples who use […]

Unusual Valentine’s Day date ideas

Before I put off every single person who’s reading this blog, let me tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Even those who are annoyed by the relentless relationship roulette (try saying that ten times quickly) can make the most of deals, offers, and fun events surrounding Valentine’s Day – not to mention […]

Sexy stocking fillers for under a fiver

I get really annoyed when people write Christmas gift lists that include ‘stocking fillers’ that cost a fortune. I once saw a list which included an APPLE WATCH as a ‘stocking filler’, presumably because it was small enough to fit in a stocking, or because their target audience consisted primarily of rich bankers or the […]

Premature ejaculation: coming too early?

This week I’m diving straight in to an issue close to my heart: premature ejaculation. I’ve spotted a few news articles doing the rounds about potential ways to treat premature ejaculation, so what better opportunity than to give an overview of what it is, how it can affect people, and what you can do to […]