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Tis the season for cheap sex toys – January’s bargain sex toy sale!

The best thing about January – apart from getting to eat all the leftover mince pies – is the opportunity to pick up a whole load of bargain sex toys that’ll keep you entertained and aroused all year round. One of my favourite things about is they don’t beat around the bush when it […]

Cheap sex toys: deals you can’t ignore this Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday! You know what that means? It means cheap sex toys for everyone, and me having to send concerned emails to my bosses here at SexToys to ask ‘are you alright? Like, seriously, some of these are so heavily discounted I am pretty sure you pressed the wrong buttons.’ But while I urge […]

Vibrating love eggs: what are they, and how do you use them?

You might have noticed that we have a lot of wireless love eggs for sale here at Sex Toys. From super-fancy ones like the Lelo Lyla Remote Control Egg to more accessible bargains like this Vibrating G-spot egg. But why would you want to put an egg in your vagina? I’m here to explain the […]

Valentine’s Day lingerie to buy for your boyfriend (yep, you heard me)

It’s almost as if read my actual mind, and bought in new stock just as a special Valentine’s Day gift for me. Because now, along with gorgeous baby dolls and stockings and all the standard things you’d expect to find in the ‘lingerie‘ section, they also stock incredibly sexy underwear for men. And you […]

Black Friday deals: just one great thing we stole from America

Our cousins over in the US are pretty damn good at celebrations. Halloween, for example, which in the UK used to be a fairly half-hearted excuse to throw a sheet over your head and get drunk, has been turned into a fairly epic celebration thanks to the American enthusiasm for dressing up and trick-or-treating. Brits […]

Sex toys fears you can ignore this Halloween…

Embracing the scary things in life is what makes Halloween fun. But sometimes our fears around sex stop us from enjoying things. Here’s how to banish the fears from under your bed… Fear and sex aren’t just linked in horror movies: there are plenty of sexy things that can make us nervous or scared. When […]

Would you agree to be the voice of a sex robot?

Terribly exciting news this week: a manufacturer has put out a call for people to record their voices, so they can be used as more ‘human’ outputs for sex robots. The idea is that you’d record the key phrases and words, and then consumers could download your voice as additional content, upload it to their […]

Stocking fillers and sexy Christmas gifts – there’s still time to order!

If you’re a last-minute Christmas shopper then I feel your pain. So far I’ve bought exactly one present, and I imagine that like last year all my shopping will be done online over this weekend, as I feverishly scan the last delivery dates and cross my fingers it’ll all get to me in time to […]

Sex toy highlights from the last three years

Regular readers will know that I’ve been blogging here for for nearly three years now. It’s been sexy, emotional, and incredibly fun. As I wave goodbye, here are some of my personal highlights. Remember the last day of school, when everyone wrote in each other’s notebooks about their best memories over the years? Well, […]

Valentine’s treats – for both of you

One of my bugbears about Valentines Day is that it’s so often assumed that guys buy things for girls, while we women just sit back and rake in the roses and chocolates. Well, here’s a gift guide with a selection for everyone… New sex toys as well as firm favourites – our Valentines Day gift […]