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STIs and sex toy use: can you get STDs from sex toys?

I’ll be honest, answering some of your most frequently Googled questions about sex toys is throwing up quite a lot of worries. It’s not nearly as fun as giving rundowns of the top sex toys available in the sales, or advice on different bondage positions. But I console myself with the knowledge that if I […]

Gagging for it: best bondage gags, and top tips for using them

Solid Ball Gag

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a bit of a loudmouth. Give me a pint of cider and a soapbox and I will talk until everyone in hearing range has yelled at me to shut up. Give me a karaoke mic and you’ll be listening to me caterwaul till you pry it […]

Bondage positions: hogtie, overarm tie and more

Bound to Please 10 m Bondage Rope Hemp

Regular readers will know that we’ve been on a bit of a bondage spree recently. I don’t mean we’ve tied up the boss so we can nip down to the pub, rather we’ve been giving an overview of some key bondage-focused topics here on the blog: from different ways to use physical restraints through fetish […]

Bondage tips: Different ways to use physical restraints

So you’ve bought yourself a shiny new set of restraints – bondage cuffs, maybe, or a spreader bar. You’ve had a bit of a play and you’re starting to really get into this bondage thing, but you’d like to try a few new tricks to give you more variety. I’m often guilty of rambling on […]

Popular bondage gear (and tips on how to use it!)

What should you pick to restrain someone with – cuffs, tape or rope? How do you use nipple clamps safely? What the hell is a Wartenberg wheel, and why does it look so scary? Today I’m going to give you a brief run-down of some of the most popular bondage gear on this here site, […]

Sex machines: what are they and are there cheaper alternatives?

Have you ever fancied having a go on a sex machine? When I say ‘sex machine’ what kind are you picturing? There may be more options than you think: thrusters, sit-on vibrators, milking machines… the world of mechanical loving is varied and fascinating, and for perverts like me it’s ripe for fantasy and imagination. So […]

Sex dice: the benefits of sex games and other smutty fun

Four different coloured dice on a black background

Is there any sex toy more maligned than the humble set of sex dice? As activities like bondage and erotic electrostimulation become more popular, it seems people often brush aside some of the more playful sex accessories available on the market. I’m guilty of this myself – as a sex blogger I spend so much […]

Virtual reality sex: how do you shag in VR?

Purple hued image of an oculus headset for virtual reality sex

Are you both a wanker and a nerd? Then you’ll enjoy this. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly pejorative nature of both those words: I am a proudly nerdy wanker, and combining these two things makes for a whole lot of fun. Most notably: the fun I can have with virtual reality sex. Virtual reality […]

Sex pillow positions and top sex tips

Before I’d ever tried it, I didn’t realise just how much difference putting a pillow under my bum during sex could make. A slightly more elevated angle makes all the difference when having sex that’s designed to stimulate my g-spot. Given this can be done with an ordinary household pillow, imagine how much more is […]

Light touch bondage: simple tips for hot sex positions

Bondage and Fetish Guides

When you think of bondage, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a naked woman, tied up using an intricate pattern of knots? Perhaps it’s a guy suspended from the ceiling in a web of different kinds of rope? While these forms of bondage can be extraordinarily beautiful, they take a lot […]