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Erotic book extracts that you were once banned from reading

This week the Bodleian library in Oxford announced that it was opening a special display of some of the books from their ‘restricted’ section. To mark the occasion, here are a few sexy extracts from erotic books that you were once banned from reading…

Consent is king: are you ready for Sexual Health Week 2018?

It’s probably fair to say that most of us think we’re great at establishing consent. After all, no one wants to imagine they are encouraging people to do things they’re not comfortable with – not just in the bedroom but elsewhere in life. If you ask around the office to see who wants to come […]

Sexual positioning equipment for when you’re… umm… ‘sweeping the special chimney’

How often do you bump uglies? Perhaps more importantly, how likely is it that the phrase ‘bump uglies’ has turned you off so hard that you’re going to struggle to ever get turned on again? This week, in lamenting the things that can get in the way of a good sex life, a Times journalist […]

World Cup Top Trumps: sex toys that are better than the World Cup trophy

It’s not coming home after all, but honestly: can any of us say we haven’t had a hell of a lot of fun? I watched the nailbiting semi- final against Croatia in the pub, and even in the haze of disappointment afterwards, there was a general feeling that the England team did us proud. They […]

Could pre-match sex ruin England’s World Cup hopes?

Just as the Olympics and Paralympics always bring a new crop of articles talking about how many condoms are needed to keep the athletes going throughout the games, so the World Cup brings us a bunch of new sex stories too. The most common one, of course, poses that age-old question: should players avoid (or […]

Feel sexier in the summer months? You’re not alone!

What time of the year do you tend to have the most sex? If you’d asked me in December I’d probably have guessed that I have much more sex in the winter months: it’s chilly, after all, and there’s no better way of warming up than sliding under the duvet with a hot guy and […]

Sex toy storage: what’s the best way to store your stash?

Where do you store your sex toys? And would you be embarrassed if someone else stumbled on your stash? I couldn’t help but giggle this morning when I read a story about a woman who ‘tidied’ her daughter’s dildo when she found it on her desk. The young woman – a uni student – had […]

Masturbation Month: 5 reasons masturbation is good for you

It’s not just fun – masturbation is also really good for you! And because May is Masturbation Month, I thought it’d be a great excuse to chat through some of the ways wanking can enhance your life. From improving your physical and mental health to helping you tune in to your body’s needs and have […]

Do you know when your partner is initiating sex?

I’ve never been very good at foreplay. At least, not the kind of foreplay that involves subtle touches and gradual escalation of intimacy, building to a natural moment when both of you go ‘let’s do it.’ I have a tendency to just get horny, tell someone I’m horny, then ask if they’re up for it. […]