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Order your sexy gifts in time for Christmas (plus get a free bullet vibe!)

There are ten days left until Christmas (or eleven, depending on whether you count Christmas Day itself) so if you’re looking to order some sexy gifts for your special someone, you need to get your orders in as soon as possible!

Strap on dildo play: everything you need to know, plus one or two sexy secrets

According to a recent article in Men’s Health, more people are embracing the delights of pegging. Pegging is the practice of a woman shagging a man with a strap on dildo – a term originally coined by sex advice columnist Dan Savage after he realised there was no specific word for it and set his […]

Vibrating love eggs: what are they, and how do you use them?

You might have noticed that we have a lot of wireless love eggs for sale here at Sex Toys. From super-fancy ones like the Lelo Lyla Remote Control Egg to more accessible bargains like this Vibrating G-spot egg. But why would you want to put an egg in your vagina? I’m here to explain the […]

In praise of nipple clamps: BDSM sex toys that won’t hurt your wallet

Bound to Please Butterfly Clamp

The first time I ever used nipple clamps, I was pretty nervous: the ones we had were quite hefty, and came with a heavy chain connecting them. The harder you pulled on the chain, the tighter the clamps would tug against you and the more it’d hurt – ouch! I’m not a masochist particularly. That […]

Unusual sex toys and products you’ve probably not tried yet

Want to buy a new sex toy but already got most of the things you think you need? Now might be the perfect time to experiment with a unique sex toy or product that’s a bit out of left field. In today’s post I round up a few unique products from slippery sex goo to […]

Jealous of the kids this Easter? Here are some sweet treats just for adults

I don’t know about you but I get pretty envious of children at Easter. They get all those chocolate eggs! And they didn’t even have to haul arse all the way to Tesco to buy them! Youngsters get the joy of scoffing a seemingly limitless quantity of chocolate, which they’ve turned up after a fun […]

Erotic massage: in praise of getting slippy

If you’d asked me five years ago whether I fancied an ‘erotic massage’, I’d have probably asked if we could just get on with the sex. The idea of being rubbed all over with oil before shagging struck me as a very frustrating way to make the bedsheets messy, without any of the fun that […]

Valentine’s Day lingerie to buy for your boyfriend (yep, you heard me)

It’s almost as if read my actual mind, and bought in new stock just as a special Valentine’s Day gift for me. Because now, along with gorgeous baby dolls and stockings and all the standard things you’d expect to find in the ‘lingerie‘ section, they also stock incredibly sexy underwear for men. And you […]

Door jam cuffs and the joys of bargain BDSM

I’m going to do something I don’t usually do on this blog: focus on one really specific toy. Usually I’ll pick a news story that’s got some sex themes (sex robots anyone?) or do a run-down of some top pick sex toys (like these Fleshlight accessories) and why you should buy them. Today, though, I […]