Eggs and BallsLoving Joy Silicone Jiggle Balls

For those who want stimulation without having to use something phallic. Soft balls stimulate internally whilst the vibrating eggs tickle intimately. Basic duo balls are a fantastic addition to any bedside drawer as they not only offer spine tingling sensations, the regular use of them (especially the weighted variety) can help strengthen the pelvic floor helping to maintain sexual health and strengthen orgasms – especially good for women who have had children. The balls can be worn during intercourse giving added sensation for both partners or some women wear them on day to day basis giving added spice to an outing to the shop or a day at the office.

The vibrating eggs and balls also add that extra sensation of soft vibrations whether used internally or held against the clitoris offering a wonderful toy to use with a partner or alone. Most vibrating units come with a speed control allowing you to control the strength and speed of the vibrations so the individual can identify what is needed to reach orgasmic bliss.

  • Huge range
  • Can help strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Vibrating toys available
  • Huge range of materials and sizes
  • Huge range of colours

Nipple playBound to Please Nipple and Clit Clamps

From nipple clamps to nipple jewellery, whether you like the soft touch or the added pressure of clamps. Nipples can be highly sexual, the sensitivity of them varying from individual to individual, but care must be taken as they are also very delicate, if you experience any unwanted pain or discomfort stop and re-evaluate. Nipple jewellery allows you to add rings and other adornments without the pain of having them pierced. They gently affix to the nipple by using soft pressure, giving a soft squeezing sensation and making your nipples feel more sensitive to touch. Nipple clamps however, are affixed to the nipple using pressure, from the harsh to the gentle, most nipple clamps are adjustable, allowing you to experiment with what works for you. Remember care must be taken to avoid any damage to the sensitive tissue.

  • Adjustable clamps
  • Allows adornment of nipples without piercing
  • Can add weights to nipple clamps
  • Allows nipples to become engorged and more sensitive.


Finger stimulation

There is a huge range of toys that fit on your fingers and allow exploration of your most sensitive spot.

They range from soft jelly tubes that slide on to your finger to gloves that have vibrating units in the tips of the fingers. Perfect for use alone or with a partner, and giving you a perfect excuse to explore all those delightfully sensual areas, teamed up with a blindfold or soft silk scarf to cover the eyes it can lead to hours of teasing fun.

  • Huge range of materials
  • Range from low tech to high tech models
  • Perfect for self exploration or use with a partner
  • Colours and designs to suit all needs

Clitoral stimulators

From the soft teasing vibrations to the hands free intense stimulators there is really something to tease, torment and stimulate everyone’s senses.

The hands free options are wonderful for those wishing to just lay back and enjoy the sensations or even wear outside and experience toys out of the bedroom environment. The remote controlled toys even allow your partner to control the vibrations. The harness types are designed to hold the toy as close as possible to the clitoral area giving direct contact, and intense vibrations. Some of the harness models have been designed to allow for penetration while being worn giving you a double delight of penetration and stimulation whilst using them. Beware though, some women may find these toys too intense.

  • Huge range of styles and designs
  • Remote control units available
  • Perfect for solo use or with a partner