Sex Toys for Men

There is a huge range of sex toys for men to use whether with a partner or alone, what type and style depends purely on what the intended use is.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are designed to fit over the penis and create a vacuum using gentle suction, helping a man to obtain an erection or give extra stimulation. They are made form a hard plastic or acrylic tubing with a plunger or squeezing bulb, which when working sucks the air out creating a vacuum. Extra blood is pulled into the erectile tissue which enhances and engorges the tissue giving a bigger erection than normal. Some models have a soft textured lining offering extra stimulation and sensation. The changes however are temporary and pumps do not offer permanent enlargement, however they are a useful aid for those with erectile dysfunction. Shaving at the base of the penis or applying lubrication at the base will help to create suction and to enable you to let go of the cylinder once it is pumped.

Many men find the intense stimulation when using the pump enjoyable and find it a useful aid to masturbation, the suction giving a pseudo oral sex feeling. Others enjoy the more intense suction and enjoy the way their penis responds and stretches within the plastic shaft. Many people include the penis pumps into their BDSM play, with various models offering different levels of stimulation and suction, making them brilliant for the first time user or for further investigations into sensation play. With any toy, care must be taken as leaving the pump on for too long or over use can lead to broken capillaries and bruising and even ligament strain at the base of the penis. When using a pump for the first time the rule of thumb is to go slowly and to stop if it hurts. Use your body as a guide, taking it as slowly or as fast as you feel is right, you also need to make sure you are familiarised with the pump before using it.

  • Range of models to meet all needs
  • Different Strengths of Suction
  • Can help erection dysfunction
  • Male sex toy suitable for use with or without a partner
  • Range from the inexpensive to the more expensive

Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed to reduce the blood flow back into the body allowing the penis to become engorged with blood, giving a bigger firmer erection, greater sensitivity and ejculation delay.

Loving Joy Penis Ring Set

There are many different variations of rings ranging from the adjustable (which makes it easier to place on the penis and remove) to more rigid un-adjustable rings to rings that vibrate. It is advisable if you are using them for the first time to try an adjustable model, which allows you to experiment and find what works best for you.

Erections during intercourse naturally rise and fall, allowing for blood flow and toxins to be removed, therefore it is advisable to use them for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time, as extended use can lead to damage of the capillaries and to bruising. If you are using one for the first time it is a good rule of thumb to slowly extend the time gradually, increasing the time in 5 to 10 minute intervals. Once you are comfortable using them you can further explore the different varieties. Cock rings aren’t recommended for anyone with vascular disease, such as diabetes, or nerve disease. If you experience any discomfort, numbness, or tingling, remove the cock ring and seek medical advice.

  • Adjustable models
  • Range of different materials
  • Can help maintain a erection
  • Range of different styles
  • Models available that allow testicular constriction
  • Vibrating models available

Penis Sleeves

Sleeves are designed to place over the penis giving extra sensation, length and girth. With a huge range of materials and sizes there is an option for everyone and if you suffer from erectile dysfunction a model with a strap or harness would be advisable. Some sleeves when used with lubrication can enhance masturbation making them the perfect toy for use alone. Some come with added “ticklers” allowing for extra delight for your partner, from small bumps to hard ridges. The basic penis sleeve is a tube that slides over the penis and stretches to fit any girth. There are however models that are better tailored to the larger penis. Good lubrication is a must and will stop any unwanted friction or pain, while allowing for full sensation.

  • Perfect for use with or without a partner
  • Adds extra stimulation during intercourse
  • Range of different materials and sizes
  • Different textures and added ticklers

Male Masturbators

Masturbators allow men to have added excitement and sensations when playing alone. From slippery silicone to the more hugging jelly they offer a huge range of stimulation, with added bumps and ticklers to take the orgasmic experience to the next level. These male sex toys are designed to be used with lubrication, always choose lubrication which suits the material to which you have chosen.

  • Gives added stimulation
  • Range of materials and designs

Realistic VaginasLoving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbator


These can get as realistic as you want but what you pay for is what you get.  The more expensive toys are more realistic and detailed. There is a huge range of

materials from simple latex to the Cyberskin, which actually feels like real skin and retains the warmth and texture even while being used. The main thing to remember here is that unlike the natural thing, lubrication must always be used, otherwise you may have a  painful and difficult experience.

  • Range from inexpensive to expensive
  • Range of materials
  • Some have both vaginal and anal opening
  • Vibrating models

Sex Toys for Men FAQ

1. My girlfriend has a vibrator and it’s made me curious as to what’s available for men. I’ve not heard about male sex toys before. Is there much available?

Women have had the advantage in the sex toys world for far too long, but there are now some seriously awesome male sex toys on the market.

From a ‘real feel’ masturbation or blow job experience on tap, to amazing anal or prostate play to give you sizzling sensations with brilliant health benefits.

Want to add size or girth to your penis? Try a penis pump, sleeve or cock ring. There’s so much fun to be had, all you have to do is choose where you want to start!

2. I read an article in a magazine about straight men and anal play. Apparently it’s good for you. Is this true?

Anal play can be a huge taboo for straight men as they associate it with gay sex. However anal play can deliver earth shattering sensations and as the magazine states, if you massage the prostate, it can be good for you. If you’re brave enough to indulge in anal play, you’ll be glad you did!

The prostate or P spot is the male version of the G Spot. It’s a walnut sized gland on the inside of the anus that when stimulated or massaged can cause bigger, more intense, multi and sometimes even a dry full body orgasm. If done properly it will literally empty the testes which will keep your prostate healthy and help ward of Cancer.

What are you waiting for? Browse our full range of male prostate massagers here.

3. Will a male masturbator feel like the real thing or is it a different sensation?

There is a huge range of masturbators which will offer different sensations. If you are looking for something realistic then we suggest using something made from a ‘real feel’ material such as, UR3, Cyberskin or Superskin. Masturbators that look and feel like the real thing are available in many different forms for your individual taste.

Alternatively if you are looking for something a bit different there a some really cool masturbators that promise to be better than the real thing!

4. I have found lately that I am orgasming really quickly and would like to make things last longer. Is there anything I can do?

It might be worth a visit to the doctor to see if there are any underlying problems. However, there are many products you can use to help with premature ejaculation from de-sensiters and delay sprays and creams to increasing your stamina with specially designed toys and cock rings.

5. I have a smaller than average penis and would like to increase my size. Is there any way I could make my penis bigger?

There are a number of ways you can increase your penis size. We have a large range of penis pumps which when used will enhance your size temporarily. Alternatively you can try a sleeve to add girth or penis extension sleeve to add length. We also have products to permanently extend the penis which when used daily have been proven to be affective.