Condoms Explained

Durex Intense Condoms
Condoms are a must. They are the only form of protection which can both help to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and prevent pregnancy. There are two types of condoms the male condom that fits over the penis and the female condom that fits in the vagina. However male condoms are more popular and more widely used, than the female version, which still comes under debate about comfort and ease of use.

You should only use condoms that carry the British Standard Kite Mark or EEC Standard mark (CE) and have been thoroughly tested and approved. Make sure you store them properly away from heat or light as it can cause deterioration making them unusable, and if they feel dry or very sticky, discard and use another as damaging to the packaging may have occurred.

Normally made of Latex, although sometimes they are made from polyurethane or silicone, which is suitable for those who have a latex allergy.

Although some people feel condoms hinder the feel of sex, they now come in such wide varieties that it can be argued they bring something to the mix. Coloured, flavoured and ribbed condoms are available and some even include warming lubrication, designed to stimulate the most sensitive of areas. When choosing a condom it is always good to remember to use one which is designed for the use intended, for example, a textured ribbed condom is not recommended for anal sex, and a heavy duty condom designed for anal sex may limit sensation if used for vaginal sex.

Never use an oil or petroleum based lubricant with any condoms as it can break the material down, and severely impairing performance and stopping and protection from pregnancy of sexual transmitted diseases. Lubrication is always recommended as it helps ease to put the condom on and reducing any unwanted friction whilst using them, and stopping unwanted breakage. With silicone condoms never use a silicone lube as it will cause the material to melt, but silicone lubrication works very well with latex condoms, especially for anal sex, and well as water based lubrication. A huge advantage of silicone lubrication is that when using it with condoms you don’t have to constantly re-apply it, one use of it lasts a long time and unlike water based lubrication it doesn’t go sticky mid use.

The size of condoms depends on the manufacturer and whether you buy a larger size. Most will fit to stretch any size, although the width can differ between manufactures and designs.

Using a CondomPasante Unique Non Latex Condom

Open the packaging carefully if you use your teeth on nails, make sure it doesn’t break the condom inside, and make sure you don’t tear the condom with over excess of force.

Place the rolled condom on to the head of the penis, if not circumcised softly roll back the foreskin, pinch the tip of the condom, making sure there is room for semen to collect, and carefully roll down over the shaft of the penis to the base, making sure there is no trapped air within the condom, air bubbles can cause the condom to break.

Add Lubrication if required making sure to use right one for the condom chosen.

Removing a Condom

Pull out before the penis softens and hold the condom against the base whilst you do, making sure no semen escapes or the condom rolls up. Once you have pulled out slowly slide the condom from the shaft of the penis, and dispose of, by wrapping in a tissue and placing within a bin, do not flush as they are bad for the environment.

Lubes ExplainedSliquid Naturals Swirl Intimate Lubricants

Lubrication or lube as its commonly known is designed to make sex or masturbation easier, safer and more pleasant. There is a whole range of lubricants on the market and which one you use should depend on the use and whether you are using toys with it or not. Some materials react badly to some lubricants so it is wise to make sure when buying a lube that it fits your requirements.

Water Based

Water based lube is one of the main sellers, due to the fact it is safe to use for most toys. It’s available in flavoured or unflavoured varieties, the flavoured ones normally being sweet but often slightly sticky. Water based lube doesn’t stain, is non-reactive to all materials and rarely causes skin irritation. However, if you do experience a burning, stinging or painful sensation when you use it, stop use and make sure you rinse it off of your skin. Unfortunately water based lube can dry out quickly during a long sex session but it can be revived with a spray of water or drop of saliva. It is also safe to use with any form of birth control including condoms.

Silicone Based

Silicone lubricants are completely waterproof making them perfect for underwater activities, plus they retain there lubrication making them longer lasting than water based lubrications. Due to the long lasting and very silky feel it makes it perfect for anal sex and vaginal sex alike. Unfortunately Silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys as it can cause the silicone body of the toy to break down, but is safe for use with a condom. A main bonus of silicone is that it is completely hypoallergenic, and used with the right toy can stop any reaction even for the most sensitive of people.