Sex Essential FAQ’s

1. I want to breathe new life into my sex life. Can you suggest a fun and light way to do this as I don’t want to put my wife under any more pressure than she already is with our family and all it entails?

When you are busy, you can lose sight of each other and bringing the sparkle back in a fun way is great way to re bond.

Sexy board games are a brilliant way to do this as they enable you to take time out alone and have fun together. They’re also great for discovering new pleasures that you may not have done if the ‘game’ had not told you to do it!

2. My best friend is getting married and I’m maid of honour. This also means that I am in charge on the Hen Party. I have no idea what I should be doing but my friend said I should look on here for inspiration.

There are lots of responsibilities for the Maid of Honour from arranging the location and who’s attending to making it better than the Stag do!

You want your Hen Party to be a night your friend never forgets so keep things fun and a little bit naughty. You can all get dressed up in sexy costumes or simply dress the bride to be in a veil and sash. You can make goodie bags containing rude sweets and naughty dares and don’t forget to take photos with a special hen party camera!

3. I’ve just started seeing someone and I want to hint that I’m ready to take things further. Is there anything I can do without looking like I’m desperate!

There’s nothing more titillating than receiving a sexy gift. If there’s something particular you would like to happen, your chosen gift can be the perfect hint.

Make it fun, cute and funny, no one wants to receive a large butt plug in the first throws of a relationship. Get it right and your present will do all the talking you need.