Sexy Lingerie & Clothing FAQ’s

1. My boyfriend wants us to try roleplay. I’ve not done it before and I feel a bit weird about it to be honest. He said I can choose what we do to ensure I’m comfortable but I’m just not sure.

Roleplay is a fantastic way to spice things up. When you’re dressed up as someone else it gives you the freedom to act in a way that you normally wouldn’t. If you’re generally a placid, submissive person, see how you feel in a Policewoman’s outfit. You may naturally feel that you should take control. If you’re mostly a woman in control, you may want to try a school girl’s outfit, putting you in a submissive position.

Don’t be pushed into something you don’t want to do, however pushing boundaries and moving out of your comfort zone sexually can be invigortating!

2. I want to buy my wife some sexy lingerie as she’s always saying she’s not in the mood for sex as she doesn’t feel sexy. She has put on weight since the birth of our son so I don’t want to buy her something to skimpy. What would you suggest?

It’s normal for women to feel less sexy after the birth of a child. Not only do your priorities change, tiredness and excess weight can cause the libido to wane.

The best thing to do is not put her under any pressure but to compliment her and tell her how attractive you still find her. This is the biggest aphrodisiac of all. When it comes to lingerie, babydolls are perfect for making a woman feel and look sexy without showing all her lumps and bumps. When choosing think about her tastes, not yours because it’s only when she feels confident that you will have the best sex!

3. I like to wear tight fitting dresses on a night out but I find that thongs and G strings still show through! I don’t want to go commando but I hate my VPL. Help!

We do have some tiny V String panties that could be suitable for you. However, we do sell strapless thongs called C Strings! The C shaped strapless thong holds itself in place by a strong flexible wire frame. There are many colours and shapes available so you can find the perfect one for you.

4. I really like the look of corsets but they don’t look very comfortable. Although I like the idea of making my waist look slimmer, I don’t want to be uncomfortable. Are there corsets available for somebody like me?

Don’t be fooled! Corsets can be really comfortable. Most corsets have hooks at the front and laces at the back, allowing you to have your corset as tight or loose as you like. They are normally boned with either plastic or steel that shapes itself to your body meaning your whole torso is fully supported and looking its best.