How To Use An Anal Douche

Rectal douching or anal douching is where you clean your rectum with a device that is filled with a liquid, known as an anal douche.

Anal douches are designed to carry a small amount of water or other liquid in the bulb of the anal douche. The idea is to then squeeze the bulb, inserting the liquid into the anus in order to clean it. Many people do this in order to prepare for anal sex, use of anal sex toys, or even hydrating the rectum to void hardened stools.

If you think that an anal douche is the right anal toy or anal hygiene product for you then take a look below at our best anal douches.

Best Anal Douches

Now you have chosen your anal douche we will discuss the best way to use it.

Anal douches or enemas are designed to be extremely easy and straight forward to use. Anal douches are one of the most popular types of anal toys, and by far the most popular anal hygiene product.

Usually an anal douche is made up of a bulb that is made from a soft, squeezable material, and a tip, that is usually made from a firmer material. You can also get douches that are designed to be attached to a tap, so you would not have the bulb on these.

How To Use An Anal Douche

Using an anal douche is very straight forward and easy to do. To begin with start by cleaning the douches tip. When you have cleaned the tip fill up the bulb or bag or your anal douche with warm water or a preferred liquid of your choice. Then attach the douches nozzle to the bulb. 

Once the nozzle has been attached to the bulb gently lubricate your rectum and the nozzle to allow for easy insertion. Then begin to slowly insert the nozzle into your rectum, inserting around 2 to 3 inches of it. Once the douche is inserted gently squeeze the bulb, releasing the liquid.

It is more than likely that you will start to feel ‘full’ and like you need to go to the toilet. When you get this feeling, go to the toilet, sit down and expel! You can repeat this process, checking each time how clean you are.

Risks of using an Anal Douche

The main risk of using an anal douche is over-douching. This is where you clean to much, with too much force, or too much water. This can cause problems like prolonged anal irritation, elevated mucus production and even chronic constipation.

When using an anal douche make sure you are careful and that you don’t over do it!

If you have any more questions on how to use an anal douche then please feel free to contact us and one of our experts here at Sex Toys will get back to you as soon as possible.