How To Make Sex Toys

Do you want to increase your solo masturbation sessions or even spice things up with your partner? Well using a sex toy could be the perfect answer to this.

Sex toys are a way of providing sexual stimulation to yourself or your partner. If you want to buy sex toys then take a look at our huge range of sex toys for women, male sex toys, and couples sex toys, where you should be able to find every sex toy you need. Here at Sex Toys UK we like to think that we cater to all markets and needs, so if you don’t have a lot of spare cash then take a look at our collection of cheap sex toys. However, if you cannot afford to buy sex toys, or you can’t wait for it to arrive, then take a look below which outlines information about how to make sex toys.

Everyone should be able to get sexual satisfaction, so everyone should own a sex toy if they want to. Here are a few DIY Sex Toys that you can use whilst you wait for your official sex toy to arrive.

A Necktie – a necktie can make a great piece of make shift bondage equipment. It allows you to quickly restrain your partners wrists or ankles, allowing you to take full control over them. However, if you want to properly restrain your partner then we strongly recommend you buy some proper bondage restraints.

A Spoon – If you wash a spoon, dry it off and then warm it up by rubbing your hands against it. Then apply pressure to your clitoris with the spoon and begin moving it in circular motions. This will stimulate your erogenous zones and will feel great. However, if you want to experience real sensations then we highly recommend that you get a bullet vibrator.

A Hairbrush – if you get a condom and roll it down the hairbrush handle you will be able to use the handle as a dildo. Gently insert it into your vagina and pull it out at different speeds, using the handle as a penetrative toy. If you want to experience even more pleasure we recommend investing in an actual dildo, as these have been specifically designed to give you even more pleasure!

An Ice Cube – if you want to indulge in a little bit of temperature play then an ice cube is great! Use the ice cube to rub against you clitoris and vulva and experience the cold thrilling sensations. 

A Spatula – you can use a spatula as a spanking paddle and deliver a nice thwack to your partner with it! If you want to experience the real pleasure of impact play then we recommend that you buy some official spanking equipment that has been specifically designed for spanking play.

Pillows – by placing pillows together and stacking them on top of one another you and your partner will be able to re-position yourselves in certain positions to make yourselves the right angle to stimulate different erogenous zones.

Pegs – you can use laundry pegs as nipple clamps, which will draw blood to your nipples, increasing the sensation around them. If you do actually want to experience real nipple sensations then we highly recommend that you purchase nipple clamps that have been specifically designed to deliver these sensations to you.

If you have any more questions on how to make a sex toy then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will be more than happy to help answer any questions that you have.