Guide to TENGA Male Sex Toys

TENGA is a brand of Japanese male masturbators and other male sex toys. TENGA were revolutionary in changing the design and appearance of masturbation aids. Previous male masturbators would tend to be artificial vaginas, or realistic in appearance, however TENGA began to design un-realistic male masturbators, which are now some of the best selling sex toys world wide.

TENGA Inc was established in 2005, and is based in Tokyo. The name TENGA itself comes from a Japanese adjectival noun that means ‘righteously arranged and elegant’.

If you are interested in TENGA sex toys, but not sure where to start, then take a look below at some of our best TENGA male sex toys

Best TENGA Male Sex Toys

If you still want to buy a TENGA sex toy, but aren’t taken by any of these, then take a look at our guide to the best TENGA Male Sex Toys. Alternatively, if you don’t think TENGA is right for you, then take a look at our guide to the best male masturbators.


TENGA offers a variety of different cups designed for male masturbation. Some cups are disposable, which are designed for one-time use. These male masturbators are usually pre-lubricated, so you can use them as soon as they arrive.

TENGA have also released a few different ranges of reusable male sex toys including TENGA Flip Holes, TENGA 3D, and TENGA Air Tech. The reusable versions of TENGA quickly became some of our most popular sales, and even began to beat sales of other popular masturbation aids like Fleshlight.

TENGA has become one of the most popular types of male masturbators, and aim to create sex toys that are not anatomically shaped or designed to be a replacement of the human vagina. TENGA deliberately avoid any erotic imagery on the product design, and in their advertising campaigns.

TENGA Products

As previously mentioned TENGA have released numerous ranges of male masturbation aids, below are some of the most well known and popular male masturbators created by TENGA.


TENGA Eggs are small and discreet male masturbators that are made from a TENGA Egg Surfer Male Masturbatorsuper stretchy material, and are designed to be stretched over the penis. There are numerous different styles of these eggs, and are some very cheap male sex toys.

These egg shaped masturbation sleeves are very popular with first time buyers, with each egg featuring a different texture, giving a unique experience.


TENGA Cups are a one use only male masturbation aid. These male sex toysTENGA Deep Throat Original Vacuum Cup come with a variety of different internal textures for varied sensations.

Many of the TENGA cups are pre-lubricated male masturbators, meaning that you can start using them as soon as they arrive.

These masturbation cups also feature a valve at the top that allow you to control air flow and pressure.

TENGA Flip Hole

The TENGA Flip Hole Male Masturbator is one of TENGA’s reusable male sexTENGA Flip Hole toys. This is available in a variety of different colours, with each colour offering a different sensation, and a different inner sleeve. 

The Flip Hole range is designed to be easy to use and clean, and can be easily taken apart.

TENGA Air Tech

The TENGA Air Tech is another range of reusable male masturbators, these TENGA Male Masturbatorsones resemble the same style and design as the TENGA cups.

The Air Tech range were extremely popular when first released, and still continue to sell today.

TENGA later released a new Air Tech called the Twist, which is a male masturbator with a mechanism within that allows you to control the tightness.

If you have any more questions about TENGA then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toys experts will get back to you as soon as possible.